1560679_670988166297963_1505843176_nJenny Haniver is the founder of Not in the Kitchen Anymore, a website which documents and examines her experiences as a female gamer through a collection of transcribed audio clips recorded while she games online. Her work focuses on the dated, hostile, and downright weird reactions men (and the occasional woman) display upon meeting women in-game. She aims to raise awareness and educate others about the issue of harassment in online-gaming, as well as provide a safe place through various social media outlets for people to vent about their own experiences.

Jenny has spoken at panels at PAX East and local universities. She has also been interviewed for publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald, Kotaku, Metro UK, The New York Times, as well as a BBC radio programme and accompanying article. Additionally, she was interviewed for GTFO the Movie: A Film About Women in Gaming. Jenny works on other side projects like serving as a moderator for the online community /r/GirlGamers.

Her website began as an extension of an art installation she completed while earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at a university in Wisconsin. She has been gaming since she was 3-4 years old, and has been recording audio of her online gaming experiences since the fall of 2010. While Not in the Kitchen Anymore is now largely functioning as an archive and nothing more, Jenny can still be reached for comment via email.