Actually yes, and so will the internet.

Dec 15th

Just a quick reminder that I can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, or email with any comments/questions/heartfelt declarations of adoration or abject hatred. I enjoy hearing from you guys, especially since it’s almost finals week and I’m doing anything but studying. Responsibility!

Today’s entry is, uh, “different”. I had a very good game playing against a group of RMPs, so clearly it wasn’t really me holding the controller. Logic!

RMP Random Male Player


[a bunch of jumbled talking all at once]

RMP1: I don’t think Jenny really plays. I think her boyfriend’s playing.

RMP2: Oh, nice!

RMP3: I woulda had two of them…

RMP2: That was, yeah, that should have been the double, man.

RMP3: I had bullets flyin’, it would have been a double, I saw it.

RMP1: Jenny… it’s her boyfriend. She just talks on the mic

Me: Really? Is THAT how you want me to remember you?

RMP1: Nah, I’m just guessing. ‘Cause normally that’s what girls do.

RMP4: I love you Jenny!

RMP1: If you really play, that’s cool.


RMP1: You gonna remember me forever now, Jenny?


RMP3: Honey, will you talk in the mic for me?