All in one

Dec 29th

This is what would happen if you took every entry from this website so far and rolled it into one big encounter. If you listen to one entry on this website from the whole month, this would have to be it.

Sitting here, I’m trying to figure out how this started. I’m betting that I entered a lobby while the RMPs on the other team were looking at the lobby leaderboards, they noticed my K/D ratio and assumed that I’m a camper. They really wasted no time in getting to the insults. The one guy goes from calling me a cunt, to telling me to get back in the kitchen, to calling me fat and going so far as to say that he hopes my boyfriend beats me. Stay classy.

Additionally, there is a new comment on the Case in Point page.


[Haniver’s note: This first recording is taken from when I first enter the gaming lobby.]

RMP1: Wow, look at this we got this fucking camping cunt.

RMP2: Holyyyyy shit.

RMP3: [making weird noises] Ahhh! AHHH!

RMP3: Jenny- ready to suck some cock?

[Haniver’s note: This recording takes place after I played one game against this team, as we’re sitting in the lobby waiting for the next game to begin.]

[predator missile as the game ends]

RMP1: Jenny you’re a campin’ fucking cunt!

RMP3: Oh, that’s impressive.

RMP1: Get the fuck back in the kitchen and take your goddamn hands off a fucking video game controller.

Me: Nah. Having too much fun.

RMP1: Fucking stupid bitch.

RMP3: Fat whore.

RMP1: I hope your boyfriend beats you. Nah, you can’t get a boyfriend. The fuck am I talking about.

RMP4: Green Bay, huh? Fuck you. [I had GBAY as my clan tag]

Me: [to my fiance who is listening with disbelief] Yeah I know, right?

RMP1: You sound like a fuckin’ man. Holy shit. You got a deeper voice than I do. That’s kinda fuckin’ creepy.

RMP3: She probably [unintelligible] smokes cigarettes by the pack.

RMP4: She drinks coffee, uhhhh tasty coffee bitch!

[game starts and people cut out as the lobby switches over]

RMP1: … know she’s fat!

Me: [laughter]

[Haniver’s note: This recording comes after finishing the second game against this team. After this exchange, they backed out of the lobby.]

RMP5: So I can go get my claymores and go get my other gun? [ I was explaining to a guy on my team how the prestige tokens work]

Me: If you have prestige tokens, yeah.

RMP4: [unintelligible] …fuckin’ faggot!

RMP1: Go back to the same spot again you stupid fucking cunt. JESUS CHRIST. You’re a fuckin’ idiot.

RMP2: Let her be an idiot.

RMP6: You want her skills. That’s why you’re just jealous.

RMP1: Dude I went 23 and 6. Shut your punk ass up!

RMP3: You fucking suck.

RMP6: No, you!