Casanova, the early years

Jan 21st


Catalog, Sprawler, Mopie = Friends

RMP = Random Male Player


Catalog: Why is there an echo?

Sprawler: Because they’re in the same room.

Me: Yeah, there’s an echo because Mopie and I are literally sitting like two feet apart.

RMP1: They got two people in my clan that they’re playing not too far apart, does the same thing.

Catalog: That’s what I thought, but I wasn’t sure.

Me: He’s just visiting for a week so we have to share internet.

Mopie: It’s like, Dan, go to your brother’s so we can play Call of Duty together.


Me: It was so bad playing split-screen last night. This is still a better solution.

RMP2: Hey. Hey girl. If you were a lightbulb, I would turn you on.

Me: You’re like, ten! Don’t say those things!

RMP2: Do you work for, do you work for . Cuz I wanna frost your flakes!

Mopie: He’s rehearsing.


RMP2: I use my memory. Every time there’s a girl in the lobby, I always do it.

Mopie: Really? How’s that work for you?

Me: Yeah, and it’s a good idea 0% of the time. You should probably stop doing it because it’s fucking obnoxious.

RMP2: It works pretty good.

Mopie: How many numbers do you get?

RMP2: About 4000.

Mopie: 4000 numbers. Alright.

Me: Oh my god, Sprawler.

RMP2: Yeah. Yo. You work for Kelloggs? Cuz I’m gonna frost your flakes.

Me: Oh my god, just shut up and play the game.

RMP2: Number please!

Mopie: Are you like, high-fiving yourself over there?

RMP2: You’re darn right I am. Jenny! Jenny Jenny. You should give me your number.

Sprawler: Did you transform into a girl?

RMP2: Hey, are you a corn field? Cuz I wanna stalk you!