How rude!

Apr 22nd

I will be speaking on Saturday, May 3rd at the Women and Identity in Gaming Symposium. It’s being hosted at Lawrence University  in Appleton, WI. My presentation will be taking place from 12pm-1pm, and I will also be participating on a panel from 5pm-6pm. You can see the schedule for all the other cool stuff going on; Ashly Burch and Allison Salmon will also be speaking at WIGS. Hope to see some of you there!

As for today’s entry…

This remains one of my favorite random interactions I’ve ever experienced on Xbox LIVE. The quiet correction at the end by his teammate was just perfect.

RMP = Random Male Player


Me: Good game.

RMP1: Hey, hell no, we can’t have Jenny and you on the same fuckin’ team.

RMP2: I’m just bein’ honest with ya. She put that motherfuckin’ Warthog up there, [unintelligible].

[laughter, gunshots as final kill is replayed]

RMP3: She keep gettin’ that motherfucker with ease, too.

RMP2: Man, she was 17 and 0 when I seen it.

RMP1: Motherfucker ain’t said she was camping, ’cause she wasn’t.

[RMP starts singing; laughter]

RMP4: Hey, I’m out ya’ll.

RMP1: Why you scared of Jenny?

RMP4: Ain’t nobody scared of that bitch!

RMP1: Oh! Hey. Now that was disrespectful. Disrespectful little bastard.