Kitchen talk

Nov 14th

I added another page called Case in Point. There have been several articles written about this site so far, and I’ve been reading the comments on them*. Many of them lead me to believe that the person commenting did not, in fact, bother to read the article, listen to the interviews, or even look at this blog. Case in Point is where I will be keeping a collection of those comments. Some of them may make you want to vomit in rage- enjoy! Now for the real content:

MW3 is out, and it is everything I had ever hoped and dreamed… Especially Hardcore Kill Confirmed. There was about a two to three day honeymoon period where everyone in the game got along just swell, mainly because no one had a single clue what in the actual fuck was going on. For a second, everything was peaceful, it was butterflies and rainbows and sunny sunny sunshine all around.  But then it was business as usual. The clip is longer- I left more miscellaneous banter to show that I was simply having a conversation with my friend Mosh when some guy took it upon himself to tell me to get back in the kitchen. Thanks guy!

RMP = Random Male Player
People with real names: Friends of mine.

[lobby music]

Me: I’m almost ready to level up, I’ll just stick around until I do.

Unknown: Does it max out at 10? That’s weird. [no idea which of my friends this was]

Mosh: What do you have to do, Jenny? [laughs]

Me: What?

Mosh: So what do you got to do?

Me: Oh, today? I’m driving to Muskego.

Mosh: I don’t know where that is.

Me: It’s like three hours away from me.

RMP1: So are we all going [unintelligible] 

Me: Yeah, we got [unintelligible] so I gotta get my house clean for the guy who’s staying with our dogs and shit.

RMP2: You’re gonna make someone a good wife.

RMP1: Oh shit. Oh shit.

RMP2: Know your role.

Me: …Wow.


Molly: Wait, Jenny, you’re leaving?

Me: After this game.

RMP1: Is she potty-trained?

RMP3: Make me a sandwich.