Kitchen talk2

Jun 4th

To start, here’s a link to the BBC article that’s been getting a lot of interest today.

Today’s clip made me laugh. I love this kid’s voice, and my friend Phoenix sometimes likes to mess with RMPs by pretending they are talking to him.

Phoenix, Chisus = Friends
RMP = Random Male Player


Chisus: [yawning]

Me: None of that bullshit.

RMP1: Shut up cunt.

Me: No.

Phoenix: I’m sorry, was I talking? Or wait, who are you talking to?

Me: That’s not how this works, buddy.

RMP1: I’m talking to the bitch that should, that should be makin’ me a sandwich. Yeah. That’s right.

Me: Nope.

Phoenix: Whats your mom doing? I didn’t quite catch that. Your mom’s making you a sandwich? You shouldn’t call your mom a cunt man, that’s pretty rough.

RMP1: All you’re good for is your vagina.