Jan 17th

Dirtbiker, Sprawler, Mopie, Wildcat = Friends

RMP = Random Male Player


Dirtbiker: So badass.

Me: Can you Google that for me when you have a chance? Thanks.

RMP1: Is that a chick, or a little kid?

Me: Was that a serious question?

Sprawler: Hey guys, I’ll catch you all later, I’m gonna go play some¬†[unintelligible].

RMP1: Awww, that is a chick! Huh.

Mopie: You know, women actually make up like, HALF the population of the planet?

RMP1: Not Xbox Live. And if they are, they’re fat.

Mopie: …What?

Wildcat: [chuckling] There it goes. There it is.

RMP1: I’m just bringing it up.

Wildcat: Of course.

Mopie: There it is.