Man talk

Dec 17th

In this case, I had randomly run in to an old friend of mine (Lady M) that I haven’t play Call of Duty with in over a year. Started to have a chat with her before we grouped up.

Lady M = Friend

RMP = Random Male Player


Lady M: Oooh man!

Me: Good game.

Lady M: What up, Jenny?

RMP1: Feel like your K/D is too low?

RMP2: Yeah…┬áNah, man, I was thinkin’ about, thinkin’ about you jerkin’ me off, man. I was just sucking too much.

Me: Oh my god.

RMP1: I will do it, okay?!

Lady M: Jenny, how have you been?

Me: Good, how about you?

RMP2: I believe you man, you sound sincere.

Lady M: Not too bad!

RMP3: Hey, shut up- men are talking.