Man with a plan

Jul 27th

User PHATDOG decided he had an issue with me, and things progressed from annoying to a little rapey pretty quickly.

RMP = Random Male Player



RMP1: Oh I need to clean this damn fishtank.

PHATDOG: Hey Jenny.

Me: What?

PHATDOG: You on your period or something? Cuz you didn’t do too hot. Being a leader. Of the other bitches that were on your team.

Me: [heavily sarcastic] You are just adorable.

PHATDOG: Jenny Hanoverfist. Eating chicken nuggets.

RMP2: Are you… Are you fat?

PHATDOG: Yeah, are you fat? We were wonderin’.

Me: Keep talking dude. Let it all out. Let all that anger out. It’s okay- we’re here for you, man.

RMP2: I won. Why would I be angry if I won?

PHATDOG: Hey is your- is your middle name… eatin’… And your real last name “Hanoverfist”? Jenny Eatin’ Hanoverfist? [giggles]

RMP3: That’s just… That’s just wrong. Now I feel bad dude. That’s pretty mean.

PHATDOG: What are you, her internet boyfriend?

RMP3: No.

PHATDOG: Girls like that come on this Xbox for attention. They live for it.

RMP3: Dude, dude- girls can like games just like guys.

PHATDOG: Woah woah woah- girls like Pinterest, bro. She’s either a lesbian or-

[everyone talks at once]

RMP3: My girlfriend games.

PHATDOG: Yeah well your girlfriend’s probably fat and-

RMP4: Nasty.


I played a game then backed out of the lobby after I got sick of hearing sexist jokes. I then received this message, which is apparently slang for ‘slut’:



To which I responded:



Then he sent me this voice message:

I’ve reported him to Xbox LIVE, but I’d honestly be surprised if they took any action, given that he has apparently had an account for 10 years.