Personal Grooming

Dec 10th

Kamikaze, Mosh, Phoenix, Sprawler= Friends

RMP = Random Male Player


[everyone talks at once as we enter the lobby]

Mosh: I need to play Halo. I need to play Halo.

RMP1: Todd, back out.

RMP2: Huh?

Me: He said back out.

RMP3: Back out, and if you back out, bring the party.

RMP1: …Oh, you sound hot, baby!

Phoenix: Thank you.

Kamikaze: Thank you. I really appreciate that. Thank you, you’re a nice guy.

RMP1: Oh, she’s beast yo! With that 2.0 K/D.

Sprawler: [joking] She boosted it.

RMP1: Yeah, she got a 2.0. She’s their beast person, out of all of them.

RMP2: Hey Jenny, where’d you get that? Jenny?

RMP1: What up, girl?

Me: Oh boy.

RMP1: What are you wearing? What are you wearing right now?

Kamikaze: Pink panties.

RMP2: What’s good? Jenny? What’d you get that for?


RMP1: Are you shaven?

Kamikaze: He’s talking to me.

RMP1: I like a hairy bush.