Pokemon Pickups

Dec 20th

There are three different recordings for today’s entry- one from before the match began, one during (RMP2 ended up on our team), and one from after the game had ended.

Spartan, Phoenix, Play = Friends


Spartan: Are these maps… Are these maps really small?

Me: Not all of them.

Phoenix: Haniver, you wanna stay here-

Me: It’s up to you, Rob.

RMP1: Most of them are pretty small.

Me: Dave, there’s actually a pretty good mix of map sizes in this game. It’s pretty decent.

RMP2: Hey Jenny.

RMP3: Playin’ a chick. Wassup girl, can I get some head?

RMP2: Jenny Penny, would you like to touch… My Bulbasaur?

RMP3: Hey, can I get some head? A handjob or something?

RMP2: Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip.


Me: That’s a good way to get no girl to hit on you- ever. Not in a million years.

Play: I know, right?

RMP2: Never in a million years… You mean a million… What about 999,999 years? What about then?

Spartan: He’s getting muted.

Play: When you talk about Pokemon? No. Not gonna happen.

RMP2: I know you wanna fuck my Jigglypuff.


Me: I hate people sometimes. [laughter]

Phoenix: He’s in our room with us, by the way.

Spartan: He got muted.

RMP2: Jenny, are you like from JC Penney? ‘Cause DAMN you got a lotta finds!

Phoenix: They’re at the center- spawn flip.

RMP2: Hey Jenny. Jenny. Jenny Jenny Jenny. Did she already mute me? Oh well. Woulda given her a really nice [unintelligible]. 

Me: I got the UAV.

Phoenix: Play, is he still in there?

RMP2: You actually unmuted me! You’re the first.

Me: I never muted you in the first place, moron. I’m just trying to play the fucking game. I recommend you do the same.

Spartan: I didn’t unmute him. He can be mad at me.

RMP2: Oh. Okay. Well, can I at least take a picture of you so I can show Santa what I want?

Phoenix: Center, there’s a chain gun in the center!


RMP3: Look at that score.

RMP2: Jenny, you know you want the D!