So much sound logic here

Apr 19th

Alternate title: You’re fat! No, YOU’RE fat!

Note: I am not condoning my friends’ responses to this guy. By posting this, I am in no way saying that Kamikaze’s response was appropriate, because it wasn’t. Fighting “fire with fire” like this is not an effective way of tackling this problem- but I am not in control of what other people say.

Kamikaze, Play = Friends

RMP = Random Male Player


Kamikaze: I missed fucking bullshitting assholes.

Play: Who have horrible fucking scores.

Kamikaze: Four months of just normal conversations, and I’m back to this bullshit.*

RMP1: Hey yo, you can tell the bitch got no life- her fuckin’ K/D is 2.07.

Play: Or maybe when she plays she’s actually good. Unlike your ass. With your 1.34.

RMP1: Yeah, she good at suckin’ this dick right here.

Kamikaze: Yeah. She has more life than you’ll ever have, you three hundred pound loser with your tiny dick.

Play: Hah! You can’t find it, what do you mean?

RMP1: Fuckin’, I bet that bitch fat as hell.

Kamikaze: He’s probably 450 with a tiny dick.

Me: He left. He left.

*Kamikaze hasn’t play Black Ops II in a few months, hence this comment.