Something’s cookin’

Aug 21st

Guess what’s back?! Audio updates!

Things have been crazy over the last week and a half with the Xbox support debacle, but they’re settled down now and NitKA will return to normal (as normal as it ever gets, that is). I’ll probably do an “After the Storm” type update soon, but I honestly just don’t feel like it at this point.

I like this audio clip because my friend’s teenage son who games with us a lot gets really upset sometimes when people harass me for my gender. He doesn’t understand why people make a big deal out of it, and I find that very reassuring to see in a “young person”, especially when people have the knee-jerk tendency to blame this sort of behavior on kids his age.

Little RUNVus, Wildcat = Friends

RMP = Random Male Player


RMP1: I think this lobby’s dead.

RMP2: No, no, stay in this lobby!

Me: Yeah, you killed it- congratulations.

RMP3: Oh, what was that? Were you cookin’ somethin’? I think I heard a stove in the background! Oooh, my laundry needs cleaning!

Little RUNVus: Why does everybody say some stupid ignorant shit like that, every fucking time?

RMP3: ‘Cause it’s TRUE!

RMP2: ‘Cause it’s TRUE!

Little RUNVus: You’re a fuckin’ idiot, dude.

RMP3: It’s true!

RMP1: Nuh-uh, that’s where a woman’s supposed to be! Cleanin’, cookin’. That’s where they’re supposed to be.

RMP3: Stop trying to be the better man.

RMP2: I cannot wait to drop a Swarm on you. I’m gonna laugh so hard!

RMP1: I’mma put you in your place.

Little RUNVus: Seriously?

Wildcat: I tell you what man, you got it all wrong. My wife makes 100K… Let her work.

RMP3: Yeah, let her work, heck yeah- props to you, you’re the man!