Technology is sexy.

Dec 22nd

Today’s update: Got into a room with some random guys, hilarity ensued. I actually ended up gaming with them for the rest of the night after this because they were funny and I am not a stick in the mud.

RMP =  Random Male Player


RMP1: Yeah, I was up on that mezzanine and somebody clocked my ass, so…

Me: Yeah, I didn’t see where you got hit from, though.

RMP1: …Nice. Jenny Haniver. Hey Jenny, why don’t you come over to Myspace and le… let me fuckin’…I’ll Twitter your Yahoo until you Google on my Facebook.


Me: That was very creative.

RMP2: Ah fuck, sorry [he teamkilled someone, oops]

RMP1: I thought it was pretty cool. [laughs]Just to remember all that shit.