Why don’t you have a seat over there…

Jan 3rd

Today’s entry is sponsored by Chris Hansen.


RMP1: Horrible connection. Horrible connection.

Me: Looks pretty good from my point of view.

RMP1: Your point of view?

Me: Yep.

RMP1: That’s good.

Me: Right-hand side in the truck rubble. If that makes sense.

RMP1: You sound like a… sound like a little boy.

MasterP: Thank you, Archie.

Me: Well, I’m a woman, so I’m probably not going to sound exactly like you.

Archie: Come on, Jesus Christ!

RMP1: You sound, you sound kinda hot.

MasterP: Cover me Archie, I’m going to grab those tags.

Chisus: Back by the fire trucks.

Dirtbiker: Oh, did I do that?

Chisus: Guy behind us. Two of ‘em behind us.

Me: Archie and I kind of have ‘em holed up in this back corner. He’s right in front of the bus, Archie.

Chisus: Thought I shot that guy!

RMP1: You sound very hot.

Me: ….So. Awkward.

RMP1: Yeah. Very awkward.

Me: Archie, behind you and to your left.

RMP1: I’ll get behind you. Damn.