Jan 25th

Pun, Mopie, Sprawler = Friends

RMP = Random Male Player


Pun: Catalog’s on too.


Mopie: …Okay.


RMP2: Hope you’re hot, Jenny.

Mopie: Why?

RMP2: ‘Cause if a girl plays and she’s not hot, there’s something wrong.

Mopie: Does that like, affect your life in some way?

RMP2: It does.

Mopie: Really? Alright.

Sprawler: Well, now I have a question for you- are you hot?

RMP2: I am. SO hot.

Me: I almost can’t handle the level of stupidity in this room right now.


Mopie: We’re gonna up it a little bit. Clearly, your, your attractiveness is your entire worth as a human being. Both male and female.

Me: What about how well I play Call of Duty?

Mopie: No. Nothing to do with it.