If you’re looking for a game with tons of achievements, Amnesia is the perfect game for you. This 100% achievement guide will show you how to get all the achievements in one playthrough.

The amnesia: rebirth trophy guide is an achievement guide for the game amnesia: rebirth. The guide includes a list of all the trophies and how to unlock them.

This method will ultimately assist you in obtaining 100% of the achievements. There are spoilers below, so I recommend playing the game at least once before reading it.


  • After the Cassandra’s crash, he awoke with only fragmented recollections.
  • Salim’s track was followed by a follower.
  • Dreamer: I’ve always wanted to see Paris.
  • Widow: Despite Salim’s death, she went on with her life.
  • Pilgrim: Took shelter in the fort after following the pilgrim’s route.
  • Communicator: I went inside the castle and talked with the doctor.
  • Caregiver: Took the time to speak with a fetus.
  • Gunner: A cannon was fired at the castle entrance by the gunner.
  • Pathfinder: I discovered a route out of the damaged cistern.
  • Traveled across the desert like a nomad
  • Somnambulist: I went for a stroll in the park.
  • Escaped the Shadow is a can opener.
  • Escaped the Shadow as a fugitive
  • Tinkerer: The alchemists’ gadget has been activated.
  • Murderer: Took away a crewmember’s dread and life.
  • Traveller: A gateway between worlds has been opened.
  • Diagnostician: Used a scanning equipment to find out about a child’s sickness.
  • Castaway: Attempts to contact a kid were unsuccessful due to deep seas separating them.
  • Refugee: I was able to get in touch with a doctor.
  • Mother: Gave birth to a daughter just to have her taken away from her.
  • Tasi: I finished the tale.


  • Extra items may be sent via the portal in the Alchemist’s Chambers using the Translocator.
  • Stoic: Resisted both fear and anger:
  • Escape Artist: Avoided setting off an explosive while escaping a cage at the Arsenal:
  • Vandal: Smashed a large number of precious items:
  • Torturer: Tortured an innocent person for the benefit of an unborn child: Make the curriculum vitae as shown in the video and utilize it in the chair.
  • Altruist: Spared an innocent, perhaps dooming an unborn child: Start the cart and depart without generating the curriculum vitae.
  • Overlooked: I managed to avoid a predator’s sight by remaining silent and still:
  • No, thank you! : When things in Amnesia started to become interesting, I left: Rebirth
  • Frictional developer’s speedster: Completed the game quicker than any other Frictional developer.
  • Reborn: Gathered all of the previous accomplishments


You may complete these achievements in order by pressing continue when returning to the main menu after completing the narrative.

  • Provider: Has fled to Paris with a daughter who needs to be looked after: After taking Amari up from the crib and soothing her, take the Leyden Jar before leaving the room. When the boss battle begins, return to the entrance you came in via, avoiding her sight with the constructions. Then, to activate the gateway, utilize the Leyden Jar.
  • Harvester: Reborn after leaving a daughter in the hands of a deity. Return Amari to the nursery once the boss battle begins.
  • Sacrificed all to bring down a god and put an end to suffering: Iconoclast After you’ve picked up your baby from the crib and calmed her, take the Leyden Jar before leaving the room. When the boss battle begins, go to each of the chambers on the side, beginning with the one on the left (whilst avoiding the spirits gaze). To open the doors, use the Leyden Jar, then inject the valve.


  • Historian: Discovered an incomplete letter to his sister from an archaeologist.
  • Trawler: Discovered a hidden treasure under the waves:/b]
  • Archivist: I gathered notes in order to fill a journal:
  • Lightbringer: Took a forest’s worth of matches and used them to light up gloomy places:
  • Narcissist: Stared at a watery reflection:
  • Crewmember: All of Hank’s notes on the crew of the Cassandra were discovered:
  • Curator: I discovered all of the memories that others had documented.

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The amnesia: rebirth speedster achievement is a 100% Achievement Guide for the game, Amnesia Rebirth.

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