This guide will show you how to get all crew member achievements in Amnesia Rebirth.

The amnesia: rebirth trophy guide is a guide to help players earn all the trophies in Amnesia: Rebirth.

All of Hank’s notes about the crew of the Cassandra may be found here.

The crewmember cards are shown in the sequence in which they may be obtained.

To unlock the achievement, all cards must be collected in a single playthrough.

Nicolas Masson is a French writer.

In the sand, just in front of a marker that says SSC-02, along the plane’s left side.

Rachael Holt is a model and actress.

Just before entering the first cave, beneath a tiny box on the right.

Eva Ritter and Anastasie Trianon

In the first cave of the base camp. Tasi’s head protrudes from a suitcase at the cave’s middle. Eva’s is hidden under a pillow near the cave’s exit.

Lukas Ritter is a German footballer.

Before the wooden plank bridges in the caverns, on the left dead-end.

Hannachi, Salim

Go into the caverns after the first baby/memory scene. It’ll be on the left, just before the first descending ladder.

Jonathan Webber is a composer and performer.

There is a dead end route to the left behind the guardhouse but before entering the fort. It’s in the box under the closed door, to the right of the container.

Tamboura, Malik

Above the arsenal of the Legion fort, to the left of the cannon.

Anton Metzier, M.D.

At the far end of the chamber to the left of the elevator in the fort’s main building.

Yasmin Chabani is an Iranian actress.

Go to the end of the corridor with the cannon in the fort’s main building and turn right; it’s on the floor in the corner.

**From the tank collapsing until the oasis, there are no cards in the whole sewer section.

Sterling, Alexander Melville

You’ll come across a lake/oasis after exiting the sewers; it’s behind a box on the right side.

Fairchild, Richard

After leaving the oasis, you must travel across the desert for a short distance. It’s a high-up spot that views the left route and the way ahead if you go to the right, then left through a break in the rocks. On a little rug, the card is displayed.

**There are no cards in this area of the otherworld.

DeVries, Leon

Take a right, then a left into the chamber full of debris in the explorable region beyond the three rotating obelisk problem. It’s on the left side of the chamber, squeezed beneath the lid of a stone box, as seen from the entryway.

**There’s a big void here without any cards.

Mitchell, James Henry

Continue until you reach the chamber with the fountain after the doctor has gone up the elevator. A flashback will be shown regarding the fountain. The card may be found on a ledge immediately across from the entrance you came in via.

Mana wrote it.

The amnesia: rebirth translocator is a tool that allows players to quickly and easily move from one location to another. It can be found in the amnesia: rebirth game, and it is required for completing the crewmember achievement.

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