Amnesia: Rebirth is a horror game that’s all about the story. It’s not just about killing monsters and winning, it’s about getting lost in its world and learning more about it as you go along. The game has an interesting system of achievements called Curator achievements. These are little side stories that tell you more about the game’s world and lore.

Amnesia: Rebirth is a horror game that was released in April of 2015. The amnesia: rebirth achievement guide will help you find all the achievements for the game.

The locations of the recorded memories in Amnesia: Rebirth for the “Curator” accomplishment are shown in this guide.

Order of Appearance of Locations

Within Amnesia: Rebirth, there are a total of 17 documented memories. I included a description of the real place as well as the content of the recorded memory, so you can be certain that you located the correct one.

It goes without saying that you must discover all of the memories in the same session.

There are spoilers in this guide. It is recommended that readers use caution.

“Blessed Tihana” is the first memory.

The Cistern has the earliest documented recollection. You’ll descend a set of steps after witnessing the ghûl burrow through a hole in the cistern’s wall. Continue down the dark corridor to the left and up another flight of damaged steps. You’ll go into a dimly lighted room that appears like a spare parts warehouse, complete with additional matches and oil. The memory capsule is hidden inside a chest, tucked away in a dark place, on the opposite side of the room, illuminated by sunshine coming through the roof.

“Again confined” is the second memory.

The second memory is discovered after you were dragged into the “Otherworld” by falling into a sandtrap on your second visit. Tihana’s lair is straight ahead once the level begins. The memory sits on her desk next to a letter in the same room as her bed, vitae injector, and the power conveyor triangle required to unlock an unpowered door.


“White sun” is the third memory.

The third memory is on the same level as the previous two. Kita’s vitae laboratory features a balcony that can only be reached by shifting the translocator laboratory’s energy conveyor triangle into the correct position. At the balcony’s edge, this memory capsule sits next to Kita, who is barely alive.


“Red flesh” is the fourth memory.

The fourth and third documented memories are in the same location. Turn around while facing the third capsule to find a defunct fountain (powered by one of the leyden jars you’ll need to continue) and a tiny laboratory behind it. Memory #4 lies on the right edge of the fountain’s rightmost table, right behind several experimental glass boxes filled with shadow remnants.

2410202-4-1024x576 “The scar” is the fifth memory.

The location of the fifth recorded recollection is the same as the third and fourth. It’s on the center table in Kita’s laboratory, right across from the fourth capsule. You should be able to see it if you turn around.

2410202-5-1024x576 “Tihana’s Accession” is the sixth memory.

If you don’t know where to look, the sixth recorded memory is easy to miss. You’ll discover your first orb gateway while escaping the tombs’ darkness. You’ll need to locate a big chamber with spinning pillars in order to power it. You’ll need to walk a curving corridor after you’ve entered the pillar chamber. There is a left-hand exit at the end, which is enclosed by wooden scaffolding. Straight ahead as you enter the main chamber from the hallway is another doorway, accessible via stairs, at the other end of the room. Take the steps up, through the fallen pillars that are obstructing your path, and turn right. Follow the gloomy corridor nearly to the end till you find another chamber on your left with a collapsed roof and sunshine streaming through it. Take a left as soon as you enter this chamber. Look to your right as you enter the next chamber. The memory capsule is nestled between two vases and a broken tablet on a shelf.

2410202-6-1024x576 “Refinements” is the seventh memory.

The vitae extractor is close to the sixth documented memory. From the entryway, follow the route until you have to open a door. In front of you will be a table and a chair. You should notice a lighted staircase on your right as you enter the right hallway. Descend the stairwell and you’ll discover the memory on a table, next to several neatly placed cups and a flickering candle. You may also retrieve this memory after extracting vitae into the leyden jar since you must leave the region in the same manner that you arrived.

2410202-7-1024x576 “The Shadow Awakens” is the eighth memory.

After you fled Leon De Vries in the Hunting Grounds, you have an eighth recorded memory. Per wheel, open the first gate. After there, there’s another gate. The memory capsule may be found in a side chamber adjacent to the second gate, on a table next to two big antique winecups.

2410202-8-1024x576 “It is time” and “Pavlos and Phila” are memories 9 and 10 respectively.

At the tram stop, the ninth and tenth documented recollections are situated close to each other. Follow the dark corridor until you reach a chamber after ascending an unlit flight of stairs. A table with both memory capsules on it sits in front of you, close to a big window.

2410202-9-1024x576 “Rustling grass” is the eleventh memory.

The eleventh and tenth documented memories are close together. Open unpowered doors to a vitae torture cell to go normally through the tram station area. The empress will come and urge you to prepare a curriculum vitae in order to assist your unborn kid (which you cannot do yet). Exit the chamber by entering the room behind it via another unpowered door. A shelf immediately to your left holds the memory and a tablet.

2410202-10-1024x576 “The wind howls” is the 12th memory.

The twelfth and eleventh documented memories are both in the same room. Make a 90-degree right turn and continue straight ahead from the last memory capsule. On another shelf, you’ll find the twelfth memory capsule.

2410202-11-1024x576 “Breakthrough” is the thirteenth memory.

The tram stop is also home to the twelfth documented memory. After the thirteenth memory, you should go past a chamber with a vitae extractor pod and into a room with several banner dividers if you proceed properly. Memory #13 is perched on a table near to a stack of tablets holding data about various topics.

2410202-12-1024x576 “Papa” and “Son” are the 14th and 15th memories, respectively.

The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth documented recollections are all in the same room. If you spin around in front of the table with the previous memory capsule, you should notice two shelves. One recorded recollection sits on a higher shelf, while the other stands in front of the ground-level left shelf.

2410202-13 “Sabotage” is the 16th memory.

After passing through the second vitae pod region guarded by wispmother monsters, the sixteenth recorded memory appears. After you’ve escaped the creatures, you’ll have to down two flights of steps. More vitae pods with people may be found at the bottom. Using your bare hands, smash the metal bars in the chamber with the vitae maintenance port. In order to go further, the maintenance port will have to be destroyed. In a backroom, you’ll discover all of the required equipment, including memory capsule #16.


“Taina” is the seventeenth memory.

The doctor flees in an elevator on the penultimate floor, which contains the last recorded memory. To advance to the final level, you’ll need to fix the other one. You should reach a chamber with a bright red square sign over another corridor after escaping the damaged elevator and moving via the vent. As you go down the corridor, you’ll see the final memory lying on the ground to your right, in front of the maintenance port you destroyed earlier.


Apart from this guide, if you’d want us to cover any additional Amnesia: Rebirth-related guides, please let us know in the comments area. That is something we are pleased to do for our readers. We’ve also covered a few additional instructions for this game, which you can find in the related articles area below.

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