Amnesia Rebirth is a first-person horror game that can be played on Windows 7 X64. The game was released in 2013 and has been praised for its immersive atmosphere, story, and gameplay. Recently, the game has been plagued by a number of bugs which have caused crashes to occur during gameplay.

The amnesia: rebirth is a game that has been released on Windows 7 X64. This problem fix will allow you to play the game without any problems.

To repair it, follow the instructions below. Troubleshooting with Windows 7 X64

1. Get the file (mirror)

2. Paste into the Amnesia Rebirth root folder, which may be found at: – go to Steam Library – right-click “Amnesia Rebirth” and choose “Properties” – select tab “Local Files” – select “Browse Local Files” (this is root folder)

3. Replace the downloaded zlibwapi.dll in the root folder.

What if I don’t want to download shady files from strange men dressed up as anime characters?

1. Set up SOMA 2. Navigate to the SOMA root folder (same steps to find it) 3. Locate the zlibwapi.dll file. 4. Replace as directed above.

The game was just tested to see whether it could be launched and started. You’re on your own for the remainder.

UPDATE: On my end, savegames and checkpoints function, and performance and asset streaming are great. All other problems and issues will remain the same as they were on Windows 10.

Kein Zantezuken is the author of this piece.

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