The Apex Legends Badges Guide is a comprehensive resource for all things related to the new Battle Pass system. This guide will help you unlock every badge, find out how many points each one requires and much more.

The apex legends badge boosting is a guide to the many different types of badges in Apex Legends. There are Legend, Account Wide, and Wide badges.

Note that this section only includes badges that may be unlocked at any time; prior event badges are not included. Some badges have a single tier, while others have several levels.

Badges of Legend:

  • 1|5|15|50|100|100|100|100|100|100|100|100|100|100|100|100
  • Assailant (Games with 5 or more kills) 1|5|15|50|100
  • Angry: (Most damage in one game) 2000|2500|3000|4000
  • Wake: 20 kills in a single game —
  • Triple-Triple: — In one game, three squads are wiped out.
  • – One squad wipe in a single game
  • Nobody knocked during a winning game in the second flawless triumph.
  • 1 undefeated victory: – no one was eliminated during a winning game.
  • Hot streak: – this legend has won two games in a row.
  • Jumpmaster: – win as shot caller
  • As the apex predator, you must win as the kill leader.
  • The tale goes on: – triumph with the whole team still alive
  • Win a game with at least 5 headshot eliminations (Headshot Hotshot).
  • Eliminate four opponents in less than 20 seconds.
  • Recall Reinforcement: Kill a player within 15 seconds of their respawning.
  • Respawn two players at the same moment to ensure no one is left behind.

Badges for the whole account:

  • 125 legendary goods are yours if you’re a baller.
  • Legendary Banner: Equip something in each of the eight legendary banner slots.
  • Own a legendary skin and finisher for 8 legends if you’re a fashionista.
  • Equip two gold or heirloom weapons at the same time to become fully equipped.
  • Get 10 victories with 8 legends to become a master of all.
  • Pack victory: win a trios game with a fully assembled team.
  • Team. Work. : Win a game with a pre-made squad in which everyone gets at least 3|5|7|10 kills.
  • No witnesses: Win a game with a preset squad in which the whole squad receives 15 eliminations, with no opponents being resurrected or respawned.
  • Long shot: Destroy a player from a distance of 300 meters or more.
  • Own 15 legendary weapon skins as a Warlord.
  • With 8 legends, you can do 20,000 damage.
  • Sorting myself into categories: Reach the following levels in a ranked season: Bronze | Silver | Gold | Platinum | Diamond | Master | Apex Predator.
  • Achieve level 1|101|110 in a combat pass to get a battle pass badge.
  • Win 1|2|3 games in which every member of a pre-made team receives an elimination with a finisher.

Badges for the Account Club:

  • 1|25|100 Club Player (Games played with a complete club team)
  • Winning a game with a club is referred to as “club victory.”
  • The legend lives on (Club): Win a game with just club members in which everyone survives until the finish.
  • 1 (Club): Win a game with just club members in which no one is eliminated.
  • Flawless win 2 (Club): Win a game with just club members in which no one is knocked down.

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Apex Legends: Badges Guide (Legend, Account Wide & Wide) is a blog post that covers all of the badges in Apex Legends. It will help you to know which badges are hard and which ones are easy to get. Reference: apex legends hardest badges.

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