Apex Legends has a variety of different game modes. This guide will help you learn how to play each mode and get the most out of your time in battle royale.

The apex game mode today is a guide to all of the different modes in Apex Legends.


The fundamental structure of this game mode is that 20 teams of three battle to the death until only one team remains alive. This mode gives normal XP and allows you to accomplish tasks and challenges. You may also find treasure packs in this mode. In this mode, the maps rotate.


A second structure exists, with the main difference being that the teams are made up of two teams of two players, for a total of 30 teams. In this mode, the maps rotate.


Leagues that are ranked

Unlike the other two basic options, ranked leagues contain three restricting elements, all of which, as the name implies, are based on a rating system:

  • Brackets that are ranked.
  • Gains in RP and the cost of entry.
  • The map has been updated.

The following are the ranked matchmaking brackets:

  • -> Bronze 4 1 gold
  • -> Gold 4 1 Platinum
  • -> Platinum 4 4 diamonds
  • Apex predator (Diamond 3)

In addition, the ranked leagues have thresholds that you may reach by ranking higher. You’ll need to acquire RP, which is calculated using this formula.

(Placement + (Kill Value Multiplier * Kill Points)) – Entry Fee

The following is a list of the placement and kill multiplier:

  • 1st: 100|2.5|2.5|2.5|2.5|2.5|2.5|2.5|2.5
  • Second: 60|2
  • 40|2 (3rd)|1.5|3rd/4th: 40|2 (3rd)|1.5 (4th)
  • 30|1.5 (5th)|1.2|5th/6th: 30|1.5 (5th)|1.2 (6th)
  • 20|1.2 in 7th/8th grade
  • tenth/tenth grade: tenth/tenth grade: tenth/tenth grade
  • 0|1 for 11th+

Kills are rewarded 10 RP up to a maximum of 5, and assists are worth RP as well.

A match may earn a maximum of 225 RP.

The cost of admission is:

  • 0 for bronze
  • 12 g of silver
  • Gold: 24
  • Platinum (36 points)
  • 48 diamonds
  • 60 Master/Predator

The following is the RP cost to join each tier:

  • Bronze 4: 0
  • Bronze 3: 300 points
  • Bronze number two: 600
  • Bronze number one: 900
  • 1,200 for Silver 4
  • 1,600 for Silver 3
  • 2,000 silver 2
  • 2,400 silver 1
  • 2,800 for gold 4
  • Gold 3 (3300)
  • 3,800 for gold 2
  • 4,300 for gold.
  • 4,800 for Platinum 4
  • 5,400 Platinum 3
  • 6,000 Platinum 2
  • 6,600 for Platinum 1
  • 7,200 diamonds
  • 7,900 for Diamond 3
  • 8,600 for Diamond 2
  • 1st Diamond: 9,300
  • 10,000 Master:
  • Varies (minimum 10,001, anticipated 15,000) Apex Predator*

To get apex predator awards, just complete one game inside the rank without dropping out. The objective changes since it is dependent on the top 500 players.

The following are the benefits of being ranked:

  • Badge for all ranks
  • Dive Trail – Gold+
  • Dive Trail: Master or Predator

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Apex Legends has a lot of different game modes that players can choose from. Some of these modes are locked and some are not. This article will guide you through the different game modes in Apex Legends. Reference: apex legends game modes locked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apex Legends have different game modes?

Apex Legends has three different game modes, but they are all played in the same way. The only difference is that one of the game modes is more difficult than the other two.

What game modes are in Apex?

Apex has a variety of game modes, including standard races, time trials, and the new Inferno mode.

How do you play Apex Legends guide?

To play Apex Legends, you need to use the Apex Legends action button. To do this, press and hold down on your controllers left stick and then press the right trigger button. This will bring up a menu with a list of all available actions for you to choose from.

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