The Apex Legends healing items guide is a resource to help you find the best healing items for your Legend. This guide will also show you how to use them effectively so you can survive longer in battle.

The apex legends shield health values is a guide that contains information on the healing items in Apex Legends.

Obviously, you will suffer damage when being fired at, and we offer healing goods to help you out in this scenario!

Healing supplies are plentiful across the area, with smaller heals falling more often. Small heals may also be obtained in the lifelines care package.

Wattsons intercepting pylon additionally offers 90 shields each use over 45s, and Lifeline may construct a healing drone equal to six syringes for alternate healing supplies. Every 25 seconds, Octane regains one syringe’s worth of health.

On syringes and shield cells, the level 4 (gold) body shield gives an extra 25hp/shield.

The following are the healing items:

  • +25|50 shield cell (3 seconds)
  • +25|50 health syringe (5s)
  • Battery of Shields (5s): All shields
  • All-in-one medical kit (8s)
  • All health and shields are included with the Phoenix Kit (10s).
  • DOC (20s): Up to 150hp distributed among up to three players at 7.5hp/s
  • Pylon of Interception (45s): 90 shield
  • 1hp/s Swift Mend

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The apex legends health amount is a guide that will help you with the healing items in Apex Legends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you heal faster in Apex?

The healing rate in Apex is a bit faster than the standard game.

How do you heal in Apex Legends?

You can use a medkit to heal yourself, or you can wait for your health to regenerate.

How much health do shields give you in Apex?

Shields give you 100 health.

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