The map in Apex Legends is huge. With so many places to explore, it’s easy to get lost and not know where you’re going. This guide will help you find your way around the map and give you some tips for how to survive!

The apex legends olympus map secrets is a guide that will help you find all the hidden treasures and treasures on the new Olympus map.

Features of the Map:

As the new map is examined in more depth, this part will be worked on throughout the first week of the season.

Zones of High Activity:

  • Hot zones are blue regions on the map that provide significantly better loot on average, are always high tier (even higher in high tier hot zones), and can only carry level 4 weapons on rare occasions.
  • In all slots, Level 4 weapons come with the greatest possible level attachments.


Towers of Jumping:

  • A lengthy zipline that puts you in jump-jet mode when you reach the top, exactly as when you exit the dropship!
  • When contrasted to a trident, it is a poor man’s option for rapidly traveling across the map.

Care packages include:

  • Care packages drop in pairs at the closure of rings 1 and 2, one during the closing of ring two, and one during the closing of ring three. A conspicuous light fired into the sky indicates when they arrive at or soon after the ring closes.
  • Lifeline has the ability to summon lesser copies of them that land twice as quickly.

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The apex legends map rotation is a guide that shows the current and upcoming rotations of the Apex Legends Olympus Map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I land in the Olympus apex?

If youre in the middle of a song, I would recommend landing somewhere that is close to the end. The closer you are to the end, the more likely it will be that your timing will match up with other players.

What is the best place to land in Olympus?

The best place to land in Olympus is on the top of a mountain.

Is Olympus the biggest map in Apex Legends?

Yes, as of now.

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