A guide to the different types of weapon parts in Apex Legends.

The apex legends weapon chart is a guide that lists the parts, and their locations in the game.

There are three levels of weapon components, with some having a legendary (level 4) variant with a bonus property. This section also contains all optics and their rarity.


  • 1x Classic/Holo (Common)
  • 1-2x holo toggle and 2x bruiser (Uncommon)
  • Toggle 3x ranger and 2-4 AOG (rare)
  • 1x Digital Threat (very uncommon), which enables you to see opponents through smoke at a range of 60 meters.
  • 4-10x Digital Threat Sniper enables you to see through smoke up to 300 meters away and highlights threats in your field of vision.
  • 6-10x Kraber: Only available from Kraber.
  • Sheila’s exclusive 1-3x custom

Stocks of Weapons:

  • Level 1: a 10% decrease in drift and a 10% improvement in weapon handling speed
  • Level 2: a 20% decrease in drift and a 20% improvement in weapon handling speed
  • Level 3: Increased weapon handling speed and a 25% decrease in drift.

Attachments for the barrel:

  • Level 1: a 10% decrease in recoil
  • Level 2: a 20% decrease in recoil
  • Level 3: a 25% decrease in recoil
  • Level 4 (Silencer): Decreased recoil by 25% and muzzle flash by half, as well as reduced longbow loudness for opponents.

Except for shotguns and care pack guns, which have different increments per weapon, magazines come in levels 1-3 for all weapon kinds.

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Apex Legends is a game that has quickly become popular, and the community continues to grow. The apex legends weapons guide was created to help players find weapons in the game.

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