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The ark what do shinehorns eat to tame is a guide that will teach you everything you need to know about Ark’s latest dino, the Shinehorn.

The Microluminous Cerynitis is a goat-like herbivore with a calm demeanor that dates from an unknown period.

This creature is perhaps one of the prettiest things you’ll ever see, but it can do more than just look beautiful since it can utilize charge to produce light in a certain region.

Shinehorns are vulnerable against predators and are often killed while out in the open since they are tiny, sluggish, and unable to fight back.

A survivor may approach the Shinehorn and feed it to earn its confidence, but any indication of danger, such as accidentally harming it, will force it to flee.

Shinehorn gives charge light to survivors, which has the added advantage of weakening Nameless and Reapers while they are close.


Summary of the dossier

The Shinehorn poses no danger to survivors and is seen to be beautiful and gentle, making it one of the simplest animals to tame.

The Shinehorn, although not the biggest species, seems to be magnificent in its own right, thanks to its exquisite shine and lovely appearance.

A Shinehorn is a wonderful pet to have about, particularly when it’s dark and you need a source of light, but it has a lot more to offer in terms of charge light, making it a creature that can help you and your tames in times of difficulty while dealing with Reapers and Nameless.

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1) Make a light.


The Shinehorn will utilize its charge to produce a brilliant light in an area that provides visibility in the dark and weakens the Nameless and Reapers once it is triggered.

When this is engaged, it consumes Charge, which will replenish once it is deactivated.

2) Find Enemies/Highest Level Creatures


When you have a Shinehorn with you, it will warn you if there are any opponents or high-level wild animals nearby.

A sign will display at the bottom of your HUD, flashing red to represent adversaries and yellowish orange to represent high-level wild animals.


Light Pet’s Charge

Can be used to light regions, enabling survivors to see in the darkest of places and assisting in the fight against the Nameless and Reapers by weakening them.


When you’re in the dark, the light alone is useful, but the charge light effect on the Nameless and Reapers may save your life and your tames.

Shinehorn can be tamed if you know how.AKSHI-5

To tame a Shinehorn, just feed it food (put in your final item slot) until the taming bar fills up.

Wait until it gets hungry again after feeding it before giving it another reward, then continue the procedure until you have earned its allegiance.


Other Snacks

  • Seed of Plant Species Z
  • Mushroom Aggeravic
  • Cake with Sweet Vegetables
  • Seed of the Amarberry
  • Seed of Citron


It is not possible to ride.

You may be hesitant to ride on this adorable creature since it is so tiny, but it will love riding on your back or shoulder and snuggling up to you.



The outcome of two Shinehorns mating will be a small baby Shinehorn, which will be born when the female ends her gestation period, which occurs after they marry.


Shinehorn’s Body Provides Resources


Shinehorns may be observed strolling about Aberration in a relaxed manner.

The Shinehorn may be found on the following maps:

Spawn of the Shinehorn:

The Shinehorn may be found in the following spawn maps. Map Aberration (Aberration)


Although other animals with the capacity to utilize charge to light regions exist, not all of them can glow as brightly as the Shinehorn.

The Shinehorn is an excellent starting pet for survivors regardless of their experience level since it provides both a source of light and a counter to the monsters in Aberration.

Nothing beats a lovely cuddly weird goat monster clinging to you for dear life, and missing out on having one of these animals may come back to haunt you later.

The how to tame a featherlight is the Ark Shinehorn guide. It has information about how to tame the creature, food, saddle, breeding, drops and location.

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