The Ark Snow Owl is a new creature in the Ark universe. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about this mysterious and powerful creature.

The how to breed snow owls ark is a blog post about the Ark Snow Owl Guide. It includes information on how to tame them, food, Saddle, Breeding, and their location.

Bubo Chinookus was a predatory flying carnivore that lived during the post-Holocene period.

A flying monster that looks like a modern-day snowy owl but is considerably bigger than a person.

They are ferocious hunters that will pursue their victims until they can get close enough to eviscerate them.

Approaching these animals may put humans in severe risk owing to their ferocity as well as their native environment, which contains numerous hazards.

Once tamed, these animals are capable of performing well in a variety of support roles for any tribe.


Summary of the dossier

Snow Owls are descendants of modern-day owls that survived the great extinction catastrophe and retained a few characteristics from their forefathers.

These animals have the ability to release a freezing substance into the air that allows them to freeze themselves and anything in their immediate area into stasis while also rejuvenating them.

A formidable beast for supporting duties or even reconnaissance, sharing its predatory vision with its rider through their antenna, which may aid in locating their prey.

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1) Condensate


The Snow Owl starts to channel and encases itself, as well as all other animals in the vicinity, including survivors.


Because the ability is held at the expense of the Snow Owl’s stamina, creatures impacted will be shielded and will recover over time.

Controls by default:

The ability will remain active if you hold the following:

  • RMB is a Chinese currency (for PC)
  • LT (Long Term) (for Xbox)
  • L2 (second language) (for PS4)

When the ability is no longer held or when stamina is depleted, the ability will end.

2) Vision of a Predator


Predator Vision on the Snow Owl may be toggled, allowing its rider to see in thermal vision to better detect animals.

Controls by default:

Toggle Predator Vision on and off using the following commands:

  • The letter C (for PC)
  • Stick in the right direction (for Xbox)
  • Stick in the right direction (for PS4)

3) Dive


The Snow Owl has the ability to dive very quickly, allowing it to get from one location to another in a short period of time.

During this dive, the monster may execute extra attacks such as the Dive Bomb and the Dive Slam, all of which have distinct effects.

Controls by default:

(Hold forward and run while gazing diagonally or straight down.)

  • Shift + W (for PC)
  • Left Stick + Up (for Xbox)
  • Left Stick + Up (for PS4)

4) The Ice Slam


When the Snow Owl dives to the ground at such a high speed, it may make a significant effect on the ground, slowing down animals within the impact radius.

When flying straight down, this occurs automatically, causing the Snow Owl to land.

Controls by default:

(With your back to the ground)

  • Shift + W (for PC)
  • Left Stick + Up (for Xbox)
  • Left Stick + Up (for PS4)



Snow Owls can rapidly fly about to cover vast areas, and their predator eyesight, along with their quiet flight, allows them to watch and avoid being noticed while doing so.


The Snow Owl’s ability to freeze itself and other animals around it allows it to aid in the replenishing of health.


These animals can either freeze and hold opponents for as long as possible, or use their slam strike to delay enemies for a brief period of time, making them useful dissablers in a variety of circumstances.

Mount Taming

Because of its debilitating powers, being able to halt or detain animals allows their owners ample time to either capture or tame wild creatures.

Detection of the Enemy

The Snow Owl can easily enable its rider to see heat signatures around the area with its Predator Vision, making detection of adversaries and wild animals much simpler.

What is the best way to tame a snow owl?1631489410_984_Ark-Snow-Owl-Guide-Abilities-Controls-Taming-Food-Saddle-Breeding

A Snow Owl is very simple to tame since you can simply set up a trap for it using Gateways and Gates constructed of Stone or a more powerful material.

Make a trap with 5 or 6 Gateways, sealing one side with one Gate and leaving one open for the Snow Owl to fly through.


Once the trap is set up, assault the Snow Owl to make it hostile towards you, and make sure the Snow Owl’s route leads directly to you via the gates.

If the Snow Owl is on the opposite side of the trap, lure it a long way before racing directly into it to alter its course.


Once the Snow Owl has entered the trap, rush through the side Gateways and around to the end to shut the Gate, capturing it for you and your tribe to tame.

Continue firing at it in a safe manner to prevent it from escaping when torpor almost knocks it unconscious.



Other Snacks

  • Mutton in its natural state
  • Prime Meat in its Natural State
  • Chops of cooked lamb
  • Prime Meat, Cooked
  • Prime Fish Meat, Raw
  • Raw Meat
  • Meat from prime fish that has been cooked
  • Meat that has been cooked
  • Meat from a Raw Fish
  • Meat from Cooked Fish


Saddle of the Snow Owl1631489412_880_Ark-Snow-Owl-Guide-Abilities-Controls-Taming-Food-Saddle-Breeding

Crafting materials for the Snow Owl Saddle include:

  • Chitin/Keratin 150
  • 185 grams of fiber
  • Hide (350)



The female Snow Owl will lay a Fertilized Snow Owl Egg after they have mated, which is white with cyan dots.


Resources taken from the body of a snow owl


Snow Owls are mostly found in the snow biome, where they hunt and keep an eye on everything.

Snow Owl locations on maps:

Spawn of the Snow Owl:

The Snow Owl may be found on the following spawn maps. Dome Extinction Snow Dome Extinction Snow Dome Extinction Snow Dome Extinction Snow (Extinction)


The Snow Owl is regarded as one of the finest flying animals because of its ability to assist tribes in a variety of ways, making it a favorite tame among most survivors.

While this creature’s power to heal and freeze creatures is incredible in and of itself, it also has the ability to slow down opponents and give its owner a greater perspective of the world around them.

Those in need of an all-around support creature should certainly try to tame one, as it can help tribes in a variety of ways and give them a leg up on the competition.

The snow owl ark is a creature in the game Ark. It has many abilities, controls, taming, food, saddle, breeding and location.

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