The ARK Summoner is a unique type of creature that can be summoned by players to help them in battle. It has a variety of abilities and skills that make it an invaluable ally on the battlefield. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about this powerful creature, including its behavior, drops and location.

The ark summoner saddle is a rare item that can be obtained through the use of summoning. It will allow you to ride your tamed dinos on your back, and also provides an increased carrying capacity.

Summoners are among of the strangest-looking animals, and their hideous appearance has even disgusted HLN-A.

Most of the time, these animals may be seen floating about within Rockwell’s Innards, protecting the region and preventing trespassers from investigating.

Players should try to avoid coming into touch with these animals as much as possible since battling them may be difficult, particularly because they can call additional creatures to attack you.

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Within Rockwell’s Innards, summoners serve as guardians and may be seen patrolling specific areas and roaming.

If you are spotted, these sentinels will be mainly looking downwards and flashing a light underneath them, triggering an alert state.

When the Summoner detects you, he will try to track you down while throwing missiles at you and summoning flesh versions of monsters to attack you.

Staying away from Summoners is the best method to avoid them, since they may be invulnerable until they assault you, by which point you will be surrounded by opponents.

Flying about in your Exo Federation Suit and avoiding remaining on the ground is a smart strategy for avoiding the Summoners and other dangers in Rockwell’s Innards.


Summoners do not seem to have any drops and do not leave behind corpses when killed; instead, they vanish.


You may locate summoners deep inside Rockwell’s Innards, which can be found in the huge Genesis Part 2 map’s ruined ring (Right side).


Summoners are untamable and mainly act as guardians inside Rockwell’s Innards, making advancement towards the boss battle or gathering Mutagen difficult.

When trying to escape these monsters, an Exo Federation Suit is your best option since you can just soar over them or surge ahead of them because they can’t catch up.

When battling them from the ground, you should use creatures that can take out a lot of foes, but you should avoid making contact with them to prevent taking on squishy opponents.

The ark summoner id is a guide that provides information on the ARK Summoner. This includes information about where to find them, how to kill them, and what they drop.

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