Ark is a revolutionary and ambitious project that aims to make the world’s first blockchain-powered ecosystem. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about this new game, including how to tame and breed your own Therizinosaurus!

The Ark Therizinosaurus is a creature in ARK. It can be found on the island of Scorched Earth, and it has the ability to spit fireballs at players. This guide will cover everything about this creature, including its abilities, taming food, saddle, breeding, drops & location.

The Therizinosaurus Multiensis is a herbivore that lived in the late Cretaceous era. It is a highly aggressive species that would attack anyone who approach it too closely.

Therizinosaurus are very dangerous, and their razor-sharp claws can rip opponents to pieces, ripping through armor and thick dinosaur skin equally.

Unless they are threatened, they may be observed roaming about without paying attention to other animals.

If a person approaches them or if they come across certain tames, the Therizinosaurus becomes hostile and begins attacking.

Because of its capacity to cultivate many resources in great quantities, a domesticated Therizinosaurus is regarded as a multifunctional dinosaur.


Summary of the dossier

Owing to its sluggish mobility, the Therizinosaurus seems to be unable to remain populated in the environment, but due to its strength, it appears to be capable of surviving and even taking on a Tyrannosaurus.

Therizinosaurus claws are designed in such a way that they function as biological tools, allowing it to be a skilled resource farmer. However, they are not only useful for harvesting, but they also serve as a formidable weapon against its adversaries.

A Therizinosaurus is a strong mount that can be utilized for both combat and harvesting, making it an excellent all-around tame to have since it provides survivors who have domesticated it a significant edge.

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1) Electricity Harvesting


When the Therizinosaurus attacks normally, it will not only inflict damage, but it will also acquire more resources if specific resources or deceased opponents are struck.


Power harvesting will increase the quantity of resources available, such as wood from trees or flesh, hide, chitin, and other materials obtained from deceased animals.

Controls by default:

  • Retweet (for Xbox)
  • R2 (Second) (for PS4)

2) Careful Harvesting


Delicate harvesting enables the Therizinosaurus to gather a greater quantity of resources that are deemed delicate, such as berries, fiber, and some enemy resources.

Soft picking is one of two Delicate Harvesting attacks that may be used to gather greater quantities of delicate materials such as fiber and seeds from plants or organic polymer from certain deceased animals.

Controls by default:

  • Click with the right mouse button (for PC)
  • LT (Long Term) (for Xbox)
  • L2 (second language) (for PS4)


It can collect more fruit from plants and more hide or chitin from deceased animals thanks to its biting attack.

Controls by default:

  • The letter C (for PC)
  • Stick in the right direction (for Xbox)
  • Stick in the right direction (for PS4)

3) Improved Harvesting


Therizinosaurus farms in two distinct ways: delicate harvesting and power harvesting, and both of these may be upgraded with a point each time it levels up.

By investing a point in delicate or power harvesting, you may enhance your resource gain by a specific percentage.

4) Harvesting via Machine


If you leave the Therizinosaurus near resources like shrubs or trees, it will automatically collect them with its attacks.

If the Therizinosaurus is set to wander, it will try to harvest any resource nodes that are suitable to its harvesting kinds as it goes by.


Farming of Resources

Due to its capacity to harvest a huge number of resources and the fact that its basic attacks are influenced by either Power Harvesting or Delicate Harvesting, the Therizinosaurus is one of the finest farming tames in the game.

Having a Therizinosaurus may speed up the farming process for a variety of resources and provide a significant benefit to tribes, particularly if one is domesticated early on.

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Therizinosaurus is not only excellent at farming, but it is also capable of self-defense since it is a medium-sized monster with keen claws.

What is the best way to tame a Therizinosaurus?AKTHE-9

Therizinosaurus will attack you as soon as you assault or even get within close range of it, making taming the dinosaur difficult for those who arrive unprepared.

Trapping the Therizinosaurus is an excellent method to tame it, and it may be done by enticing it inside with stone gates.

Placing the stone gates in a box shape will provide you with enough room to easily fire the Therizinosaurus while still allowing you to maintain a safe distance.


Begin by approaching or shooting the Therizinosaurus, then entering the cage to entice it inside and cause it to follow you once it becomes hostile.

As you entice the Therizinosaurus into the trap, rush through the gaps and around the gate to shut it.


You may start firing at the Therizinosaurus after you’ve been caught, and it will try to flee around or attack you.

Keep a safe distance to avoid being struck by its lethal claws, which may completely damage your armor or even kill you.



Other Snacks

  • Vegetables
  • Mejoberry
  • Cake with Sweet Vegetables
  • Berries


Saddle of the Therizinosaurus


Crafting materials for the Therizinosaurus Saddle include:

  • 160 grams of fiber
  • 285 obfuscate obfuscate obfus
  • Metal Ingot No. 55
  • Wood (120)




When two Therizinosaurus mate, the female will lay a Fertilized Therizinosaurus Egg, which is black and purple in hue.


Resources Extracted from the Therizinosaurus’s carcass

  • Hide
  • Keratin
  • Raw Meat
  • Prime Meat in its Natural State

Items discovered in the inventory of Therizinosaurus


Therizinosaurus may be seen roaming about in various places on many maps, primarily in woods and jungles.

Therizinosaurus spawns on the following maps:

  • The Isle of Man
  • The Heart of the Matter
  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction
  • Valguero

Spawn of the Therizinosaurus:

Therizinosaurus may be found in the following spawn maps.

The Isle of Man Map (The Island)

The Heart of the Matter Map (The Center)

Ragnarok Map (Ragnarok)

Extinction Map (Extinction)


Therizinosaurus are ideal for farming since they can quickly collect huge quantities of a variety of resources, making them an excellent complement to any base.

Because of its strong strikes and high base damage, it can easily handle both wild and domesticated animals.

This monster is both a warrior and a farmer, and everything that gets in its path will be killed.

Ark therizinosaurus is a creature in ARK: Survival Evolved. It can be tamed using an Ark Therizinosaurus Guide (Abilities, Taming, Food, Saddle, Breeding, Drops & Location). Reference: ark therizinosaurus harvesting.

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