The Ark Trike is a new creature in the Ark: Survival Evolved game, and it’s an enemy that you need to learn how to tame. This article will help you with the basics of taming, feeding, breeding, and upgrading your trike.

The ark trike taming is a guide to the Ark Trike, which is a new creature in ARK: Survival Evolved. This guide will list all of the information about this creature and give tips on how to tame it.

The Triceratops is a kind of dinosaur. Styrax is a herbivorous crossbreed of Triceratops and Styracosaurus from the late Cretaceous period, sometimes known as Trike.

They are generally gentle animals, but when provoked, they will go for the kill, defending themselves from predators or pursuing egg stealers.

Unless they are threatened, they may be observed roaming about without paying attention to other animals.

A Trike will initially ignore survivors and other dinosaurs, but if attacked or even unintentionally hit, they will rush towards the danger and try to flatten it.

A tamed Trike offers a tribe with early berry harvesting advantages and may later be employed as a tank owing to its front sturdiness or as an offensive tame because to its Ram ability.



Summary of the dossier

The report claims that Trikes are docile, but that getting away from a danger or adversary that enrages it is almost difficult, since it would pursue you forever.

While Trikes do not fight at first, they will respond to big dangers such as predatory dinosaurs by being vigilant and prepared to confront the threat head-on.

Trikes offer tribes with the benefit of having a cargo tame that also has defensive qualities, since its natural body structure provides protection and it can fight predators and other foes using its ability to ram an opponent.

The Trike’s horns may be used as a harvester to shred bushes and trees, providing tiny tribes with a simple way to collect berries and other resources.

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1) Ram


Holding down the ability allows the Trike to charge up, increasing its strength and allowing it to charge more powerfully towards opponents.

When the Trike’s ability is activated, it will rush forward, pushing back any smaller dinosaurs or humans it comes into touch with.

The Trike will accelerate rapidly, and you may alter its course simply gazing in the direction you wish to go.


When an opponent is hit while charging, it is knocked back and crippled, forcing it to move very slowly for a short period of time.

Controls by default:

Hold down the button to charge.

  • RMB is a Chinese currency (for PC)
  • LT (Long Term) (for Xbox)
  • L2 (second language) (for PS4)

2) Buff Rivalry (Passive)


When bigger predators approach, the Trike will get a buff that improves damage output, lowers damage received, and boosts health by 10%.

This enables them to battle head-to-head with bigger dinosaurs, fighting them off or tanking dinosaurs while taming them.

The boost is shown by a red light on the Trike’s head, which may also be used to warn players of approaching predators.


Farming of Resources

When first starting out, trikes are excellent for gathering berries for tribes, as well as thatch and wood from trees.


With the inclusion of its passive ability, the Trike can absorb a lot of damage from bigger predators and be employed in the front lines of battle.

Soaker for the Turret

The front of a Trike is extremely robust, allowing it to absorb bullets from turrets, making it ideal for assaulting enemy bases.


You and your tribe may use the Ram ability to slow down opponents, allowing you to strike or flee.

What Is The Best Way To Tame A Trike?


Trikes are unable to walk over numerous obstacles and may be hampered by basic pillar placement.

Place pillars at a 44-degree angle and one or two ceilings with ramps for them to go over, causing them to fall into the trap and get imprisoned.


After you’ve set up your trap, take a shot at a Trike to draw it in and get it a safe distance away from the trap.

The Trike will then be lured to the trap, but make sure the route is straight since you don’t want the Trike to walk around the trap.


As you go up the ramp and into the trap, the Trike will take the same route you did, causing it to get trapped.

To avoid receiving any damage from the Trike, exit via a space between the pillars as soon as possible.


Begin taking free shots at the Trike with whatever you want to use to knock it out; this will be simple since the Trike will have nowhere to go and you will be safe from its reach.

When enticing the Trike, keep a safe gap between you and them, since they may be able to catch up to you, increasing your chances of being killed.

Be wary of their strikes’ knockback, which may lead you to be flung in various places and ultimately kill you.

Trikes will sometimes utilize their ram ability, so make sure you estimate the correct distance from your trap or they’ll catch up to you.



Other Snacks

  • Vegetables
  • Mejoberry
  • Berries


  Saddle for Trike


Resources for making a trike saddle include:

25 × Wood




Two Triceratops may mate, with the female laying a Fertilized Trike Egg as a consequence.


The Body of a Triceratops Provides Resources



In the Aberration and Valguero maps, the Aberrant Trike spawns.


Triceratops may be seen roaming about in a variety of environments, such as jungles or along the coast.

Triceratops spawns on the following maps:

  • The Isle of Man
  • The Heart of the Matter
  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction
  • Valguero

Trikes may be found on the following spawn maps: Map (The Island) The Island The Island The Island The Island The Island_ Map (The Center)/Spawn Map (The Center)/Spawn Map (The Center)/Spawn Map (The Map Ragnarok (Ragnarok)

Extinction: Map____________________________ (Extinction)

Aberrant Trike Spawn: The Aberrant Trike can only be found on the Aberration and Valguero maps. Map Aberration (Aberration)



When tribes are first starting out, trikes are excellent in harvesting berries for them, and their thick hide enables them to handle other predators when threatened.

The Trike, being a tough dinosaur, may be utilized as a frontline attack while invading enemy strongholds and fending off bigger predators that are laying siege to your tribe’s base.

Aside from its collecting applications, the Trike is excellent for both defense and attack due to its strong protection and ability to cripple opponents by delaying them.

The ark trike trap is a guide that will tell you everything you need to know about the Ark Trike.

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