Ark Tusoteuthis is a unique creature in the world of ARK. It can be found almost anywhere on the map, but it’s very hard to tame and breed. This guide will help you learn all about this elusive creature.

The tusoteuthis tentacle ark is a creature that can be tamed in Ark. It has the ability to shoot projectiles and it’s relatively easy to tame.

The Cretaecous epoch saw the first appearance of Tusoteuthis Vampyrus, a huge aquatic monster with a carnivorous diet and a highly violent disposition.

The Tusoteuthis, which looks like a squid but is much larger, is still one of the biggest aquatic animals ever observed.

These animals like to stay in the deepest regions of the ocean, avoiding shallow places where they may ambush food deep in the water and prevent them from escaping.

When a Tusoteuthis sees a survivor or tame underwater, they will rush towards them and attack.

Tusoteuthis are used by tribes for both fighting opponents underwater and taming other marine animals, but it is also known that they may help with attacks on undersea bases.


Summary of the dossier

The Tusoteuthis Vampyrus is one of the most aggressive animals in the sea, and it will pursue its victims for as long as it detects them in the vicinity.

This monster grabs its victim with its tentacles and crushes it until it is no longer alive, but if it is unable to fight, it will flee while leaving an ink cloud to obstruct its foes.

Many people dread this monster because of its ability to weaken anyone who come into touch with it, whether via the ink cloud it may produce or the poison delivered by its tentacles.

Tribes that tame a Tusotheusis benefit from its lethal underwater abilities as well as its capacity to create a unique oily ink that can be utilized in crafts and even turned into fuel.

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1) Grab


The Tusoteuthis captures its victim and holds it in place while inflicting torpor, which will kill the creature or paralyze the survivor.

While the Tusoteuthis is clinging to its prey, it may still crush it, inflict damage, and even kill it with its regular assault.

Controls by default:

  • Click with the right mouse button (for PC)
  • LT (Long Term) (for Xbox)
  • L2 (second language) (for PS4)

2) Cloud of Ink


The Tusoteuthis spews a mist of ink around itself, obstructing the eyesight of anybody who comes into touch with it.

Survivors’ stamina is likewise depleted when they are exposed to the ink cloud.

Controls by default:

  • The letter C (for PC)
  • Stick in the right direction (for Xbox)
  • Stick in the right direction (for PS4)

3) Production of Oil (Passive)

Over time, the Tusoteuthis will produce a unique oil that may be gathered from its inventory.


Damage Dealer is a character in the film Damage Dealer

The Tusoteuthis’ tentacles can inflict a lot of damage and may quickly take out a single enemy or a group of foes that are close together.

Mount Taming

The Tusoteuthis’ ability to grasp onto animals allows it to quickly inflict torpor on its opponents without harming them, making it simple to tame aquatic creatures.


This monster can utilize its grasp ability to immobilize opponents or even pull them away in the sea, and it can also temporarily blind enemies with its ink cloud ability.


The Tusoteuthis can endure a lot of harm, which comes in handy while battling other animals and hanging on to species who may fight back during taming.

How can you get rid of Tusoteuthis?AKTUS-5

Tusoteuthis are passively tamed, which means you’ll have to give it the appropriate taming food when it’s clinging to another creature.


Allow the Tusoteuthis you want to tame to grasp onto your horse, which will prevent you from moving but render the monster susceptible to taming.


Once your horse has been seized, immediately dismount and go to the middle of the Tusoteuthis, where its mouth will be located between its tentacles.


Feed Pearls in Black into its beak-like mouth (make sure you have some in your final item slot) and continue until the taming bar is full.

Black Pearls are fed in groups of 50, so make sure you have enough on hand before attempting to tame one.


Specially formulated taming food

Other Snacks

  • Chops of cooked lamb (30)
  • Prime Meat, Cooked (30)
  • Meat that has not been cooked (20)
  • Meat from prime fish that has been cooked (30)
  • Meat that has been cooked (30)
  • Meat from a Raw Fish (20)
  • Meat from Cooked Fish (30)


Saddle TusoteuthisAKTUS-9

Crafting materials for Tusoteuthis Saddle:

  • Cementing Paste (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.d.)
  • Fiber (795)
  • Hide 320 Hide 320 Hide 320 Hide 320 Hide
  • Metal Ingots (30 pcs.)



The Tusoteuthis is capable of mating, and the female will release a Fertilized Tusoteuthis Egg after it has successfully mated with the opposing gender.


The Body of Tusoteuthis Provides Resources

  • Hide
  • Meat from a Raw Fish
  • Prime Fish Meat, Raw

Drops of a Particular Kind

  • Substrate Absorbent
  • Black Pearls
  • Oil
  • Tentacle of Tusoteuthis


The Tusoteuthis can only be found in the deepest regions of the ocean, and it will not go into the shallows.

The Tusoteuthis spawns on the following maps:

  • The Isle of Man
  • The Heart of the Matter
  • Ragnarok
  • Valguero

Spawn Sites for Tusoteuthis:

The Tusoteuthis may be found in the following spawn maps. Map (The Island) The Island The Island The Island The Island The Island_ Map (The Center)/Spawn Map (The Center)/Spawn Map (The Center)/Spawn Map (The Map Ragnarok (Ragnarok)


The Tusoteuthis is one of the biggest animals in the sea, capable of catching and keeping huge prey both underwater and on land.

When traveling alone and unprepared, these animals are known to be very dangerous and may quickly take out survivors and their tames.

Tribes have been known to use these animals to tame some of the most powerful underwater monsters, like Mosasaurus and Plesiosaur, and to lay siege to underwater strongholds.

The ark crystal isles tusoteuthis location is a guide for the Ark game. It includes information about the abilities, controls, taming, food, saddle, breeding and location of the creature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you control Tusoteuthis?

Tusoteuthis is controlled by the left and right triggers on your controller.

What can a Tusoteuthis grab?


How do you tame Tusoteuthis in Ark?

To tame Tusoteuthis in Ark, you need to use a tamed dino.

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