The Ark Velonasaur is a creature that can be found in the Ark Survival Evolved game. In this article, you will learn how to tame an Ark Velonasaur and what it’s abilities are.

The how to use turret mode on velonasaur is an Ark game guide that will teach players how to tame, breed, and ride the Velonasaur.

Despite being classified as a “omnivore” in its dossier, Velonasaurus is a carnivorous species from the post-Holocene epoch with an aggressive personality.

The Velonasaur is a bizarre monster with characteristics that are comparable to various dinosaurs but that seem to be genetically engineered owing to its ability to function as a gatling cannon.

Velonasaurs are often found wandering the Extinction Ark’s desert environment, attempting to devour other animals of similar size or smaller.

These animals will not attack you as soon as you reach the area, but they will if you approach them too closely or attack them first.

Because of its ability to shoot numerous spines from its body, tribes have utilized these animals for both protective and attacking purposes.


Summary of the dossier

The arid regions surrounding the abandoned city in the Extinction Ark are a popular place to look for Velonasaurs since they are at ease and have been known to thrive in such an environment.

Some believe the Velonasaur to be an ugly creature owing to its looks, which is covered in spines, but others who can see beyond this realize its true potential, since these spines may be utilized as a devastating weapon against opponents.

The Velonasaur is so skilled at utilizing its spines to attack its opponents that it can regulate how they fire out in gatling gun manner or in a wide spread in an area surrounding it, making it excellent for close range and intermediate combat.

Tamed Velonasaurs have been known to be employed as fortifications because to their seemingly limitless ammo supply, since the spines they fire out can readily regenerate and seem to be an endless supply of ammunition for their biological gatling gun ability.

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Minigun Mode (#1)


The Velonasaur can switch between a mode that enables it to shoot its spines in a straight line, akin to a minigun, doing damage to opponents in a short amount of time.

Controls by default:

The Velonasaur may transition to this mode by using the crouch button/key, and it can shoot spines by pressing the fire button/key.

  • The letter C (for PC)
  • Stick in the right direction (for Xbox)
  • Stick in the right direction (for PS4)

2) AOE (Area of Effect)


When a close-range attack is desired, the Velonasaur may aggressively fire spines in a region surrounding it, inflicting significant damage on animals within a specified radius.

Controls by default:

To use this ability, hold down the alternative fire/aim down sights button/key.

  • RMB is a Chinese currency (for PC)
  • LT (Long Term) (for Xbox)
  • L2 (second language) (for PS4)


Damage Dealer is a character in the film Damage Dealer

When utilized correctly, the Velonasaur can inflict sustained damage with its minigun form and enormous damage with its AOE strike, making it one of the most damaging animals.

Mount for Combat

This monster is capable of battling with the tribe, particularly when ridden, since it may provide cover fire or directly strike opponents with its spine-firing attacks.


Due to its capacity to kill opponents up close and subdue them with ranged strikes, tribes may use this monster to defend them when hunting, farming, or traveling.

Turret on Wheels

Tribes may employ Velonasaur to defend bases and key locations by putting them in “turret mode,” which causes them to fire spines when attackers approach.

What is the best way to tame a Velonasaur?AKVEL-5

When pursuing a survivor, a Velonasaur travels slowly and may be easily tamed by shooting it from afar with a tranquilizing weapon or firing at it while constantly hiding behind rocks and trees.

Another method for taming a Velonasaur is to put up a bear trap and fire at it, causing it to go to your position and step on the trap.

The Velonasaur will try to shoot its spines at you, which may damage your armor or possibly kill you if you don’t take shelter.



Other Snacks

  • Mutton in its natural state
  • Prime Meat in its Natural State
  • Chops of cooked lamb
  • Prime Meat, Cooked
  • Prime Fish Meat, Raw
  • Raw Meat
  • Meat from prime fish that has been cooked
  • Meat that has been cooked
  • Meat from a Raw Fish
  • Meat from Cooked Fish


Saddle of the VelonasaurAKVEL-6

Velonasaur Saddle making materials are as follows:

  • Chitin (150 x)
  • 185 grams of fiber
  • Hide (350)



When two Velonasaurs mate, the female will deposit a Fertilized Velonasaur Egg with yellowish green dots.


The Velonasaur’s Body Provides Resources

Drops of a Particular Kind


Velonasaur may typically be seen wandering the desert environment near the Extinction Ark’s abandoned settlement.

The Velonasaur may be found on the following maps:

Spawn of the Velonasaur:

The Velonasaur may be found on the following spawn maps:

Extinction: Map____________________________ (Extinction)


Due to its capacity to serve as a mobile weapon and a strong line of defense for most tribes, the Velonasaur is a highly unusual kind of monster.

Many tribes want to use these animals because of the amount of damage they can do, particularly with their AOE assault, which has been known to wipe out whole groups of creatures and survivors in seconds.

This monster may be a little frail when it comes to battling up close and absorbing damage, but when given the chance, it can wreak havoc in a matter of seconds.

The ark velonasaur spawn command is a guide that will show you the location of the Ark Velonasaur, its abilities, controls, taming, food, saddle and breeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to tame a Velonasaur?

The easiest way is to use a tranquilizer gun.

How do you breed a Velonasaur?

You can breed a Velonasaur by having two Velonasurs mate.

What kind of food does a Velonasaur eat to tame?

A Velonasaur eats any type of meat that it can find.

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