Ark is a game where players can tame and ride dragons, fight against other players in PvP arenas, and explore the world. This guide will teach you how to tame, breed, and raise your own Wyvern!

The wyvern milk ark is a guide that will help you tame the Ark Wyvern. It includes information on how to feed your wyvern, saddle your wyvern, breed your wyvern, and where to find the Ark Wyvern in-game.

Draconis Vipera are highly ferocious carnivores that are said to have originated in a legendary time period.

These colossal monsters are among the deadliest creatures to ever walk the sky, annihilating survivors and creatures alike that happen to cross their path.

Wyverns may be observed soaring about their breeding sites, constantly hunting prey nearby and sinking their teeth into anything it can.

When a Wyvern spots a survivor, or any other creature for that matter, it will try to kill them with its deadly bite or elemental breath.

A tribe that successfully raises a Wyvern from birth will be able to see its legendary strength and nimble flying speed, dominating on both land and air.


Summary of the dossier

Wyverns resemble its relative, the Dragon, but with a few differences in appearance, such as being smaller and having a distinct body structure.

These animals have various colors and characteristics that assist identify the projectiles they breathe forth, which include streams of fire, bolts of lightning, poison splashes, and ice bursts.

While their bodies are constructed differently, Wyverns have two rear legs and front wings with claws, bringing their anatomy closer to that of other avian animals.

It is difficult to domesticate a fully grown Wyvern since it is more likely to bite your head off than take nourishment from something it already deems food. Instead, taking an egg and nurturing it from a baby Wyvern until it develops would win you its allegiance.

Wyverns are one of the most frightening animals to come across while flying since they can outfly nearly any creature and their bite is equally as lethal as the components they exhale.

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a) Elemental Breath b) Elemental Breath c)AKWYV-3

The Wyvern inhales deeply and fires a projectile that does damage and has affects on individuals who are struck, depending on the kind of Wyvern.

The kinds of Elemental Breath they discharge are listed in the variations.

Controls by default:

  • RMB is a Chinese currency (for PC)
  • LT (Long Term) (for Xbox)
  • L2 (second language) (for PS4)

2) Grab1631489066_453_Ark-Wyvern-Guide-Abilities-Taming-Food-Saddle-Breeding-Drops-amp

The Wyvern can carry many animals, some of whom are much bigger than other flyers, and it can easily bear the weight and fly away with them.

Controls by default:

When you’re flying:

  • RMB is a Chinese currency (for PC)
  • LT (Long Term) (for Xbox)
  • L2 (second language) (for PS4)

3) GustAKWYV-5

On land, the Wyvern can stand on its hind legs and propel itself forward with its wings, driving opponents and their tamers, as well as wild animals, behind.

Controls by default:

When you are on the ground:

  • The letter C (for PC)
  • Hold the right analog stick (for Xbox)
  • Hold the right analog stick (for PS4)



The Wyvern possesses incredible speed, allowing it to travel across the maps quicker than other animals, making it an excellent spy in addition to its other functions.

Damage Dealer is a character in the film Damage Dealer

The Wyvern’s bite and elemental breath can both inflict enormous amounts of damage, making it simple to eliminate other animals and quickly kill survivors.


The Wyvern’s enormous body shape allows it to carry a significant amount of weight and even bigger animals, which may be carried to various places without difficulty.

Aerial Combatant

The Wyvern remains one of the deadliest animals in the air due to its ability to inflict huge quantities of damage and its speed, making it ideal for aerial battle.


A Wyvern can capture tames as well as people and even take some bullets from a turret while doing so, making it ideal for picking out opponents.

Mount Taming

It is possible to stand atop a Wyvern’s back and keep it stable in the air, enabling you to tame ground animals from above or fliers like Quetzals.

What is the best way to tame a Wyvern?

Wyverns cannot be tamed, therefore the only way to get one is to go to its nest and take its egg, which will give you a child of the same level if you hatch it and raise it to adulthood.

What is the best way to get Wyvern Eggs?1631489067_794_Ark-Wyvern-Guide-Abilities-Taming-Food-Saddle-Breeding-Drops-amp

To acquire a Fertilized Wyvern Egg, you must first visit the nesting region, where a large number of Wyverns may be observed flying.

Because the Wyverns are hostile and lethal, most survivors choose to employ a flyer that can fly quickly or has good health.


Find the nests where the Wyverns seem to have hatched their eggs in the area where the Wyverns appear to have hatched their eggs.


Land and dismount from your flyer, swiftly collect the egg, then get back on your flyer and get out of there as soon as possible.

Wyverns will start after you and will be very hostile, trying to kill you for stealing the egg.


Fly away from them as quickly as possible, attempting to lose them in trees or baiting them to other wild animals before returning to hatch your future baby Wyvern.

This is true for the Fertilized Eggs of the Wyvern of Fire, Wyvern of Lightning, and Wyvern of Poison, since they are typically found together in one nesting location, while the Wyvern of Ice’s nest is found in very frigid regions.


Other Snacks

  • Meat of any kind (Basic Food)
  • Milk of the Wyvern (Babies)


No Saddle

Once fully matured, wyverns do not need saddles and may be ridden. (Mods such as the Classic Flyers mod, which lets you to equip a Wyvern with a Wyvern Stone to give it armor, are available on unofficial servers.)


Breeding is not possible.

Wyverns cannot be bred; instead, they must be grown from eggs taken from nests. (Wyverns may be able to breed on certain unauthorized servers.)


Wyvern’s Body Provides Resources

Drops of a Particular Kind

  • Talon of Fire (Fire Wyvern)
  • Talon of Lightning (Lightning Wyvern)
  • Talon of Poison (Poison Wyvern)


Wyverns are divided into four types, each with its own unique element that it is unaffected by. This means that a Wyvern of a similar kind cannot harm another Wyvern with an Elemental Breath attack.

Fire Wyvern1631489069_554_Ark-Wyvern-Guide-Abilities-Taming-Food-Saddle-Breeding-Drops-amp

The Fire Wyverns are typically painted in blazing hues like red, orange, with a hint of yellow.


These variants exhale fire in a wide radius in front of them, igniting opponents and causing damage over time.

Lightning Wyvern1631489070_358_Ark-Wyvern-Guide-Abilities-Taming-Food-Saddle-Breeding-Drops-amp

Lightning Wyverns have a brighter blue color scheme and a more pointed head than other Wyverns, which helps them stand out.


The Lightning Wyvern takes its name from its projectile, which is a straight bolt of lightning that causes torpor and delivers continuous damage.

Poison Wyvern1631489071_520_Ark-Wyvern-Guide-Abilities-Taming-Food-Saddle-Breeding-Drops-amp

The Poison Wyvern has more reptile features than the other varieties, including frills on the side of its neck and a color palette of various hues of green.


The Poison Wyvern shoots out a projectile that moves forward slowly until it collides with an opponent or a surface, causing a toxic explosion that destroys everything, even the survivors on their tames.

Ice Wyvern1631489072_162_Ark-Wyvern-Guide-Abilities-Taming-Food-Saddle-Breeding-Drops-amp

The Ice Wyvern has a white to purple appearance and is characterized by a crown-like feature on its head.


Its Elemental Breath is a blast of ice that works similarly to the Fire Wyvern’s animation, but instead of burning opponents, it slows them down and does damage.


Wyvern Eggs may be found in places with a lot of Wyverns flying about, especially in their nesting sites.

Wyverns may be found on the following maps:

  • Earth is scorched (Fire, Lighting and Poison)
  • Ragnarok is a mythical creature from Norse myth (Fire, Lighting, Poison and Ice)
  • Valguero is a character in the film Valguero (Fire, Lighting, Poison and Ice)

Wyvern Spawn is found in the following locations:

The Wyvern may be found in the following spawn maps.

The Isle of Man Map (The Island)

Earth is scorched Map (Scorched Earth)

Ragnarok Map (Ragnarok)


Obtaining a Wyvern Egg to be born requires a lot of courage, and most survivors die even before they get to the egg, so you should be well prepared before trying to snare one.

Due to their damage, speed, and capacity to inflict various status conditions to survivors and tames, wyverns may quickly wipe out other tames.

Due to their mobility and lethal prowess, only a few animals are capable of fighting head to head with Wyverns, but if you hatch one and raise it, your opponents will think twice before flying in your way.

Wyverns are winged creatures that can be tamed. They have a long-neck, four legs, and a tail with spikes on the end. They are often found in groups of three or more. The what do wyverns eat to tame is a question that has been asked many times before.

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