The Borderlands 3 amara build guide is a complete list of the skills, gear, and builds for the new character in Borderlands 3. This guide will help players get started with Amara on their journey to become a legend.

The borderlands 3 amara build reddit is a guide that has been created by the user amara. It provides information on how to create an Amara character in Borderlands 3.

Amara, the Siren, is an elemental damage dealer with the ability to inflict massive quantities of damage as well as status ailments.

She has a variety of skill sets to choose from, each with its own set of augments that change the way her abilities function by altering effects and components that modify her attacks and skills.

Build a brawl


By mixing gunfire up close to opponents as well as delivering melee strikes to them, the Brawl build concentrates more on close range damage.

When shooting at opponents up close, the Personal Space passive lets her deliver a lot of gun damage, and Samsara adds even more damage when action skills are performed.

The Find Your Center passive significantly increases her melee damage, enabling you to fire at opponents while still doing melee damage.

To increase her durability, we add the passives Clarity, Helping Hands, Mindfulness, and One With Nature.

Do Unto Others is an excellent passive to have in your build since it enables you to deliver damage to opponents every 8 seconds when they attack you.

Because the Brawl build emphasizes on melee and close range damage, Jab Cross becomes a simple method to add additional damage to her action abilities.

Blitz, which also helps Amara close in on opponents and deliver a last blow, increases her melee damage and has a unique function of resetting the passive after you deal a fatal blow with a melee attack.


Fracture is her active talent in this build, and it’s a fantastic method to deliver damage to opponents in front of her, so you can use it throughout battles and then continue doing melee and gun damage.

The corrosive damage given to her active talent by Blight Tiger is an excellent method to inflict more damage over time and deliver more damage to tougher opponents.

Using Glamour’s active ability to create crowd control and turn opponents against each other gives you the chance to simply kill them while they fight amongst themselves.


It is beneficial for this build to run up to opponents and unleash a barrage of bullets in order to score critical hits up close while also doing melee damage.

While you take shots at opponents and destroy them with melee strikes, casting her active talent every now and then throughout battles helps contribute to your total damage.

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Build a Mystic Assault


The Mystic Assault build prioritizes delivering damage to opponents while also sometimes disabling them.

Stacks of Rush will offer you an advantage during battles, as well as increasing the damage of your current skill based on how many stacks you have.

Restless is a powerful passive since it lowers the cooldown of your active ability, enabling you to use it more often.

Transcend significantly aids you by increasing critical damage, allowing you to concentrate on shooting opponents for critical strikes up close after utilizing your active talent, which disables those that survive the first damage.

After you perform your active ability, the Laid Bare and Wrath passives will contribute a large amount of damage and significantly increase your damage for a short period of time.

When an opponent is slain using her weapons or active abilities, Remnant is an excellent method to inflict damage without exerting much effort, and it will be highly effective in adding to damage since it fires projectiles.

This build benefits from Avatar since it enables you to recast your current skill without waiting for it to cool down, which is very helpful when you need to do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.


We chose Reverberation as her active ability since it does a lot of damage, particularly because rush increases the total damage and hitting many opponents increases the damage each enemy hit.

Those that survive the active skill will be handicapped by the Stillness Of Mind action skill effect, which suspends them in the air for a short period, allowing you to strike them for free.

For the build, her primary element will be Shockra, which does a lot of shock damage to opponents, is excellent against shields, and also deals damage over time.


The majority of the damage is done by firing at opponents from any distance, which is ideal for most scenarios.

During battles, you should concentrate on collecting Rush stacks so that you may boost the damage of your current ability, which can immediately kill opponents or leave them useless if they survive.

The First of the Elements is Constructed


Our Fist of The Elements build focuses on disabling opponents so you may fire freely at them, increasing your chances of scoring critical hits by making it easier to target their weak spots.

Anima and Infusion are useful for delivering elemental damage to opponents as well as enhancing the damage dealt by elemental status effects.

Illuminated Fist increases melee damage while also converting your melee attack to the elemental attribute you choose for your current talent.

Wildfire is useful for dealing damage to many opponents since it has a high probability of dispersing status conditions among your foes.

The Indiscriminate passive is one of her most helpful passives, as it allows your bullets to bounce off of opponents, allowing you to do damage to many enemies with a single shot.

Catharsis aids in damage dealing by forcing opponents to explode and delivering elemental damage when killed under status conditions you’ve induced, which may affect several adversaries.

Conflux increases her damage output by allowing her to shock, dissolve, or electrocute opponents when she applies status ailments to them.


The Eternal Fist is an excellent active ability since it enables you to immediately cripple an opponent by producing a massive fist that grips foes and lets you to strike them for free.

When you employ Allure as your active skill effect, opponents will be drawn in closer to the target of your active skill, making it simpler to chain the effects to other foes as The Eternal Fist goes on to other enemies after the initial target is killed, and continues to do so until the ability expires.

The Soulfire action skill element does excellent damage against flesh types and gives a decent damage per second by burning opponents impacted by your damage, which works well with the build’s passives.


You essentially disable opponents and fire at them, rendering them powerless, and if that wasn’t enough, killing the enemy causes another fist to grasp an adversary.

Fist will continue to grasp opponents and give you free shots until the talent expires, so all you have to do is cast the skill and kill each enemy caught by the fists.



Amara has an advantage in battle by using the large quantity of damage from her skills or the effects that assist make opponents susceptible for long periods of time.

She can inflict a lot of initial damage, as well as additional damage over time from status effects, which helps kill opponents much faster, enabling you to advance rapidly by clearing enemies quickly.

The borderlands 3 builds is a guide for Borderlands 3 Amara. It includes the build, gear, and skill tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best skill for Amara Borderlands 3?

The best skill to use for Amara Borderlands 3 is the Mighty Blow skill. This skill can be used to deal a lot of damage and knock enemies back.

How do you spec Amara in Borderlands 3?

I spec Amara in Borderlands 3 as a sniper.

How do you level up Amara?

Amara is a level 1 character. To level up, you must collect experience points by defeating enemies and completing missions. You can also use the skill tree to unlock new abilities and increase your stats.

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