The game is set in the year 2149, where a group of angels and demons are fighting for control over Earth. One day, the two groups come to an agreement that they will stop fighting each other if one side can complete a mission first.

The borderlands 3 angels and speed demons button puzzle is a mission in the game that requires players to move around buttons.

After rescuing Tannis from Carnivora, you are instructed to speak with Lilith, where Tannis will tell that the Children Of The Vault are gathering resources in preparation for a major mission.

Your mission is to go to Roland’s Rest and have Vaughn gather soldiers to attack the Children Of The Vault, preventing them from carrying out their objectives.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Getting Ready For The Assault


After rescuing Tannis, you must see Lilith in Sanctuary to get your next briefing, after which you must go to Roland’s Rest to inform Vaughn to gather the soldiers.

Roland’s Rest is being defended.


When you arrive to Roland’s Rest, the Children Of The Vault will already be set up outside the base, ready to strike.


You must defend Roland’s Rest and battle against all of the troops, including an anointed foe known as Brayden, The Anointed.


Vaughn will tell you that it’s time to fight the Children Of The Vault once you’ve successfully guarded Roland’s Rest.

Assaulting The Vault’s Children


You and other Crimson Raiders will then launch an attack on the Children Of The Vault fortifications in the area, accompanied by additional Crimson Raiders riding in vehicles.


When you arrive at the Children Of The Vault facility, you’ll find fortifications in place, including turrets taken from Vaughn, rendering your attack useless.


The fortifications will be too much for you to handle, so you’ll have to withdraw back to Roland’s Rest. Tannis will have a plan to knock down the defenses, but she’ll need you to get her Eridium amplifier first.

Using the Contingency Plan


You must next speak with Vaughn in order for him to unlock the door to Tannis’ secret lab, which is hidden under an abandoned Dahl mine.


Vaughn will take you to the gate that will enable you to enter the abandoned Dahl mine, and he will open the gate for you.

The Secret Lab’s Location


After passing through the gate that Vaughn unlocks, go to Konrad’s Hold, the next zone where the quest will continue.


Once you’ve arrived at Konrad’s Hold, go to the waypoint where the entrance is located, but be wary of other foes in the vicinity who may attack you.


Fight your way past the adversaries and to the waypoint, which will later disclose that the lab’s entrance is no longer accessible this way, forcing you to take the lengthy route to the hidden lab.

Going the Extra Mile


If you take the lengthy route, you’ll need to follow a sequence of waypoints to reach the other entry to the trail leading to the hidden lab.


You’ll come to an area with three gates that must be unlocked in order to get access to the hidden lab’s route.


Go to each of the switches that should have opened the gates, but they won’t function afterwards, so you’ll have to find a another method.


Then you must go up a railed ramp to a cart with a gas cylinder, which will push the cart to the gate, causing it to burst and open a passage.


To continue, shoo the gas cylinder to force the cart to explode ahead, going towards the gate.


After you’ve fired the gas cylinder, go to the gate, since the route will be opened shortly after it bursts.


After the gate bursts, go inside and follow the waypoints on your map that will take you to the hidden lab.


Fight your way past all of the opponents and keep going until you reach each of the waypoints, which will take you to various locations.


After a while, you’ll come upon an elevator that will transport you to an infected region teeming with varkid opponents.


Fight your way through the varkids and continue on your journey to the hidden lab by following the waypoints.


When you get at the Bleedout Smith, you must make your way to a section with a nearly damaged floor, which you must demolish.


When you get at the waypoint, you’ll see a pipe with a red light that you must fire in order for it to collapse.


The pipe will fall to the damaged floor and demolish it, allowing you to access the subterranean region via an entrance.


Continue underground and make your way to the next waypoint, as well as the subsequent waypoints, when you reach them.


You’ve arrived at the subterranean Dahl mine and must locate a cart that Tannis refers to as “Kate,” which acts as a hidden passage opener, opening a new route that goes to the secret lab.


Use your melee assault on the cart to unlock the secret door, but be aware that there will be varkids waiting to attack you.


The varkids will emerge when the secret door opens, and you must clear them out before proceeding to the second hidden entrance.


To prevent varkids from entering the lab and damaging everything important inside, kill all of the varkids in the vicinity.


Return to the “Kate” cart to unlock the second door, allowing you to finally access the hidden lab.


After the door has been unlocked, go to the waypoint, which will take you to the hidden lab where the Eridium amplifier is kept.


To carry the Eridium amplifier, you must first release the blazing red connections.

After that, shoot the couplings to detach them, and then go to the switch to transmit the Eridium amplifier.


When you press the button, the Eridium amplifier will be transferred to the next location, where Vaughn will be waiting.

The Eridium Amplifier Is Coming Back


Proceed to the next zone, where you’ll find the Eridium amplifier aboard Vaughn’s Technical, a vehicle you’ll need to get back to Roland’s Rest.


Get into the vehicle that Vaughn is currently carrying and drive it back to Roland’s Rest so that Tannis may use it later.


To get to Roland’s Rest, use the exit that leads out of the hidden lab and make your way towards the waypoint.


Along the journey, you’ll come across Children Of Vault vehicles that will try to destroy your car, forcing you to either flee or battle them as you make your way to Roland’s Rest.


Continue on your way to Roland’s Rest, avoiding pausing to prevent taking too much damage, since the car may be destroyed if you are too sluggish.


When you get at the waypoint, there will be a lift that will transport your car to Roland’s Rest.


Park your car in the blue rectangle designated parking space, which will require you to leave your vehicle.

After you’ve parked your car, go to the next zone, which will lead you to Roland’s Rest.


Once you’ve returned to Roland’s rest, go to Vaughn and talk with him to finish the task.

Mission Rewards for Angels and Speed Demons


You will be awarded with approximately 12,671 cash and the “Red Suit” legendary shield mod if you complete the Angels and Speed Demons task.



  • You don’t have to kill all of the opponents along the way, but if you’re on the same level or lower than the enemy in the task, it’s a good idea to kill a few for additional experience.
  • Because you’ll be battling both bandits and varkids, it’s a good idea to carry a variety of weapons that can do a lot of damage.
  • If you want to get additional experience by killing all of the opponents along the road, make sure you update your ammo SDUs so you don’t run out.
  • To prevent being damaged when driving the Vaughn’s Technical back to Roland’s Rest, try to avoid stopping and instead fire opposing vehicles along the route back. Stopping may make you a sitting duck.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 speed demon modifier is a mission that requires players to complete the level as quickly as possible.

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