Borderlands 3 is a looter-shooters game that has been out for several years now. The game has evolved and changed over time, but it still remains one of the most popular games in the market today. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to kill enemies, location, drops and attacks in the game.

The billy the anointed farm is a location in Borderlands 3. It’s a place where you can find many enemies and loot.

Archimedes, The Anointed is a boss that seems to be the traitor who stole the vault key and helped betray Clay’s crew that you confront in Ambermire during the Going Rogue quest.

He appears as an anointed tink with unique powers such as shifting size and executing anointed motions, making him stronger than other adversaries.


Archimedes is believed killed in the Going Rogue assignment after finding the Rogue’s headquarters had been assaulted and an unidentified corpse seemed to be the same size as Archimedes.

Archimedes was subsequently discovered to have gone rogue and betrayed the team, later being anointed and joining with the Children of The Vault.

Archimedes’ Battles and Deaths


Archimedes, The Anointed will assault you with a variety of techniques, ranging from shooting his machine gun at you to executing slam strikes.

He will change size when he receives a specific amount of damage, as well as when he moves about the region.


He can shrink down to a tiny size, move quickly, and be difficult to strike, necessitating more precise shots or weaponry with a large area of impact.

Regardless of his size, he may still leap and smash, so proceed with care and keep watch of where he goes.


He may sprint about the environment at any time, leaving a trail that can be tracked by seeing where the path he leaves travels.

Archimedes may sometimes try to teleport behind you in order to hit you with a melee combination, which you can escape by sliding away or just going back.


When Archimedes takes a lot of damage, he becomes very big and is capable of unleashing devastating strikes.

The best thing to do is aim for his head while remaining mobile, although maintaining a safe distance may assist prevent missiles from reaching you sooner.



Archimedes, like other humanoid opponents, takes additional damage when hit in the head, which may assist kill him but also cause him to shift size.

It’s best to aim for his head with weapons that don’t need several hits, such as shotguns or sniper rifles, to maximize the damage from headshots.

Attacks of Note

Slam Attack While Jumping


Archimedes will try to jump in your direction, landing close to or behind you, causing you to go airborne as well.

This may be avoided by going in the direction he jumps from and swapping places with him, allowing you a couple shots while you circle around.

Combo Melee


Archimedes will try to hit you with a melee combination when you are not facing him or when he comes too near to you, using his spinning hand and leg strikes.

Moving away from him during this strike will allow you to easily escape the attack and provide you with a wide window of opportunity to inflict damage to him.

Anointed Projectile is a projectile that has been anointed with


Archimedes will grow to a very big size and begin throwing missiles that will explode on contact, inflicting a significant amount of damage to you when he reaches the final two sections of his health bar.

Staying away from the projectile will allow you to move out of its path, while moving in the other direction will allow him to throw the projectile where he thought you were going to go.

Drops of Note


Archimedes is known to drop common to rare items with a greater chance of dropping a particular legendary item.



  • By blasting him in the head, you can compel him to stop whatever he’s doing and alter his size.
  • To prevent the deadly missiles reaching you quicker, stay away from him as he transforms into his bigger form.
  • If you’re going for the head, bring strong one-shot weapons like shotguns or sniper rifles, and if you’re going for the body, bring rapid-firing weapons like fast semi-automatic weapons or automatic weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you kill Archimedes in Borderlands 3?

By shooting him in the head.

How do you defeat Archimedes?

You must use a weapon that has a higher attack power than the Archimedes shield.

Where is Archimedes Borderlands 3?

Archimedes is a character from Borderlands 3. The game has not been released yet.

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