Borderlands 3 is a loot-based shooter with RPG elements. The game was released on September 13, 2018 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In this article, we will provide you with a mission walkthrough to help you get started with your first playthrough of the game.

The borderlands 3 atlas, at last stuck is a problem that has been present for a while. There are many solutions to fix the issue.

You are meant to meet up with Rhys in the Atlas, At Last quest so he can give over the vault key piece to you, but things do not go as planned when a siege starts.

Your goal is to travel to Rhys in order to get the vault key piece and, in the process, rescue not only him but also Atlas from Katagawa Jr for the final time.

Walkthrough of the Mission

I’m on my way to Atlas’s Secret Headquarters.


Take a car and travel from the Watershed base to the waypoint indicating the hidden Atlas HQ’s location.


There will be some Maliwan soldiers in the region, but they will most likely be of lesser level than you if you have completed several side missions and slain your fair share of foes.


Make your way to the waypoint, which will take you to a locked off area, but turn left at the end to discover the hidden entry.


If you go down the flight of steps, you’ll discover the entrance on the right side, towards the bottom.


Enter Atlas HQ to continue the task, but something isn’t quite right since Zer0 hasn’t been answering.

Rhys Is Missing


You’ll find yourself in a room with a guard and two vending machines, and it’s a smart idea to restock if you’re short on ammo or health at this point.


After a short word from Rhys, the guard will allow you through, and you must go to the waypoint where Rhys will be waiting for you.

Defending Against the Invasion


Atlas will be assaulted by Maliwan on the route to the waypoint, and the defenses will be down, allowing them to enter the HQ.


Fight your way through the complex to the core section, where you may reactivate the defensive guns and resist the assault.


On your journey, you’ll come across a silhouette that looks a lot like Zer0, although the clothing is a little different.

The figure will have gone all over the place, murdering Atlas troops and destroying the base while claiming to be Zer0.


Inside, there is a nullhound making a commotion.

Destroy the nullhound so that the defenses can be reactivated and the operation can continue.


Atlas will gain an advantage and be able to fight back after the nullhound has been destroyed and the defenses have been reactivated.


Make your way inside the HQ, where additional defenses will need to be triggered in order to drive back the assault.


As you approach the waypoint indicating the position of the defensive controls, you will encounter a large number of Maliwan soldiers, who you may either kill or evade.


Nullhounds will be in the area and must be killed before the turrets can be reactivated.


After you’ve taken care of the nullhounds, go to the defensive cannons’ controls and reboot them.


By the time you’ve restarted the defenses, it’ll be too late, and you’ll have to fend off the remainder of the invaders while Rhys devises a strategy.


As you hold off the Maliwan troops, you may either mount one of the turret seats or go down and attack the enemy in any manner you choose.


Rhys will have devised a strategy to utilize the viper drive that has been left in the orbital laser after killing a specific amount of opponents and holding off all of them.

The orbital laser will be used by Rhys to destroy the Maliwan ship out at the rear of the HQ, symbolizing Atlas’ triumph over Maliwan.

Zer0 will still be pursuing Rhys, Katagawa Jr will shout, and Rhys will inform you that Zer0 is now attempting to murder him.

Rhys’s rescue


You’ll then go to the elevator, which will lead you to Rhys’ office, where you’ll try to rescue Rhys from his assassin.


Approach the desk and interact with the light to uncover a secret tunnel leading to a boss battle.


When you reach the bottom of the tunnel, a cutscene will play, revealing what was actually going on.


Zer0 comes out of nowhere and stops the assault as the person who seems to be Zer0 is ready to hit Rhys.

By knocking Katagawa Jr’s helmet off, Zer0 will strike the impostor and show that it was all along Katagawa Jr who was masquerading as him.

Zer0 will take Rhys and teleport out of the location once Katagawa Jr is revealed, leaving you to confront Katagawa Jr.


After the sequence, you must battle and kill Katagawa Jr, bringing you closer to the mission’s conclusion.

Obtaining a Fragment of the Vault Key


After you’ve slain Katagawa Jr, the door behind where you initially jumped down will be unlocked, and you’ll be able to locate Rhys and Zer0 safe and sound.

Head up to the two and Rhys will begin speaking with you, telling you that he has a question for you before he gives you the vault key piece.


Rhys will ask you how you feel about his mustache, and regardless of your response, the task will be completed.


Rhys will give over the vault key piece, and the task will be finished after a few seconds, with a new objective named Beneath The Meridian taking its place.

At Long Last, Atlas’s Mission Pays Off


Finishing the Atlas, At Long Last quest will get you approximately 1,647 gold and the rare item “Rhys’s Piece.”



  • You won’t have to battle your way through all of the opponents; instead, you’ll have to eliminate them or hurry to the waypoint for certain goals.
  • Katagawa Jr will not be a difficult opponent to defeat, but if you are unprepared, he may be very deadly.
  • If you are knocked out, you may recover yourself by killing one of Katagawa Jr’s doppelgängers.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 mission list is a list of all the missions in the game. It includes information such as who you need to kill, where you need to go, and what items or skills are needed for each one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What chapter is Atlas at last in Borderlands 3?

Atlas is currently in Chapter 3 of Borderlands 3.

What happens if you say you dont like Rhys mustache?

I dont like Rhys mustache.

What happens if you tell Rhys to shave his mustache?

I dont know, ask him.

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