Borderlands 3 is the latest game in the series, and it’s coming out soon. This guide will help you to get started with your first playthrough of the game.

The borderlands 3 maxitrillion location is a guide that will show you how to kill, location, drops, and attacks.

Sir Hammerlock’s sister, Lady Aurelia Hammerlock, appears in the Cold As The Grave quest, betraying her brother and trying to prevent the vault hunter from obtaining the vault key piece.

She may be found after obtaining a vault key fragment and leaving the Blackbarrel Cellar through the conveyer exit.


Aurelia is ready to murder Sir Hammerlock and Wainwright as you leave the Blackbarrel Cellar to make your way outside to the vault, but instead freezes them in the Cold As The Grave quest, which puts you against her in order to rescue the two friends.

Killing & Fighting Aurelia


Aurelia will continue to perform her skills and fire at you, putting you in danger of succumbing to the cryo state condition.

Because most of her abilities may cause you to freeze, you’ll want to remain close to cover to prevent receiving multiple hits while slowed.


Aurelia will hardly make an effort to approach near, and if she does, it will be to perform her smash strike.


Maintaining a safe distance will aid you, and you may rely on many nearby items for protection.

To prevent taking excessive damage, aim for her weak area and be ready to take cover anytime she casts one of her abilities.


She may try to encase herself in ice or even perch on top of it, giving her a defensive boost or allowing her to strike you from a higher vantage point.



Aurelia may have abilities, but she is still humanoid, making her susceptible to headshots, which will cause her to take more damage and may stagger her.

Attacks of Note

Ice stumbling blocks


Aurelia will conjure obstacles to obstruct your way while also inflicting harm and slowing you down.

Staying out of the area when she casts the ability or studying the pattern where they will pop up and relocate may help you avoid this.

Ice Slam with Spikey


If you go too close to Aurelia, she’ll try to smash the ground, causing an avalanche of ice and spikes to harm and slow you down.

If you are far away from Aurelia, she will launch this attack after leaping from a medium distance in your direction.

Cryo Daggers that Homing


Aurelia will conjure ice daggers that will target you and inflict damage while slowing you down for a short period of time.

Most players with sluggish movement speeds would struggle to avoid this, and it may even strike you if the cover you hide behind isn’t large enough or the trajectory isn’t well-planned.

When taking shelter, examine the pathing of the knives to make sure they don’t run into the item you’re hiding behind.



Aurelia summons a tornado, which may freeze and throw you about for a lengthy period throughout the fight.

Staying out of its range and maintaining your distance from it is a simple way to prevent this.

a big snowball


Aurelio throws a snowball at you, doing damage to a limited area and slowing you down somewhat.

By stepping out of the path or hiding behind cover, you may easily escape this.

Snowballs are falling.


Aurelia produces a massive snowball that bursts into smaller ones, causing damage in the area where they land.

Keep some distance from her after you notice her generating a big snowball above herself to avoid receiving a lot of damage.

Drops of Note


Aurelia is known to drop common to uncommon equipment when defeated, with the “Frozen Heart” legendary shield mod falling more often than other legendary gear.



  • If you have a shock weapon for her shields and take headshots at her, or utilize other components powerful against humanoids or flesh, Aurelia may be easily taken down.
  • Bring a limited number of area-of-effect weapons since the basements may be cramped and you might injure yourself.
  • Because Aurelia primarily utilizes her abilities and seldom takes shots, using cover throughout the battle with her will help you avoid taking damage.

Borderlands 3 is a loot-driven game, with a lot of variety in weapons and enemies. In order to kill the boss Aurelia, you must have the Deathtrap weapon. This guide will teach you where to find it, how to use it, and what attacks are best for killing her. Reference: borderlands 3 can’t beat aurelia.

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