Borderlands 3 Baby Dancer is a new game that will be released on September 13th. It is a rhythm-based game where you must tap the screen in time with the music to keep your baby dancer happy and healthy. This guide will show you how to complete all of the levels and unlock all of the trophies.

The borderlands 3 baby dancer glitch is a glitch that allows players to get past the level.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • Roland’s Rest is located near Devil’s Razor.
  • 35th level

Claptrap has one last ad that he put out years ago, and he’s finally going to react to a request, dragging you back into whatever he’s gotten himself into.

You’ll need to follow Claptrap and aid him with whatever he intends on doing, which for some reason includes dancing.

Walkthrough of the MissionBBAD-2

Claptrap will describe what the two of you will do after accepting the assignment and will instruct you to meet him on Pandora.


Make your way to Devil’s Razor and look for the waypoint that will direct you to Claptrap’s location.


When you get to Claptrap’s location, speak with him and he’ll give you a brief explanation of what’s going on before telling you to accompany him.


When you and Claptrap arrive at a home, he will begin pounding on the door, requesting that the person inside come out.


You must ring the doorbell to continue, otherwise Claptrap will keep pounding on the door and you will take an eternity.


When the person inside replies, Claptrap will constantly urge them to come out, which irritates them and causes them to fire at the door.


Claptrap will complain about the person who fired at him, subsequently identified as Baby, and will urge you to speak with her.


When you speak with Baby, she will walk inside, and Claptrap will follow her, leading to them debating the commercial and Baby informing him it’s too late.


Claptrap will invite you to dance, which you may do by using emotes, and will then critique your performance.

Once this has occurred, he will request that you turn on the music and begin dancing with Baby.


Baby will be freed of her dissatisfaction, and Claptrap will refuse to charge her for the dance, completing the objective.

Mission Reward for Baby DancerBBAD-12

Claptrap will reward you with approximately 12,671 coins and the epic submachine gun “L0V3M4CH1N3” after the Baby Dancer task is finished.


  • There won’t be much action in this assignment since you’ll mostly be fighting skags on your way to Claptrap.
  • Claptrap will instantly take over and dance with Baby, regardless of the quotes you choose.

The borderlands 3 cistern of slaughter is a location in Borderlands 3. It can be found by following the path to the southwest of Sanctuary.

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