The upcoming Borderlands 3 game has just been released, and it’s already getting rave reviews. Here’s a walkthrough for the Bad Vibrations mission in the game!

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Nekrotafeyo is a planet.
  • Desolation’s Edge is a location in the game Desolation’s Edge.
  • 36th level

There are numerous nekroquakes in the region that are threatening to rip the earth apart, which has proven very upsetting for everyone, including Grouse.

Your mission is to use beacons to locate the source of the nekroquakes and, if necessary, use explosives to put a stop to them.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Identifying the Nekroquake’s Cause


Follow the vending machine’s cord to the power supply, which will be indicated with a waypoint as well.


Take the beacons to assist you locate the source of the nekroquakes, which is located on top of a table.


You’ll also need to acquire the explosive, which is located on the same table as the beacons.


To triangulate the beacons and identify the source of the nekroquakes, you must put one of the beacons inside the research facility.


Take a car and go to the waypoints where the beacons will be placed.


One of the beacons will need to be put in The Conqueror, and all you have to do is go to the specified spot and install it before continuing.


Another designated spot will be present a bit farther out, in the Engine Of Decay location, where you must place the last beacon.

Taking Care Of The Well-Being Of The Source


Continue on foot to Quietus Peak, where the waypoint marks the source of the nekroquakes, and reach the waypoint.


Above the location where the nekroquakes are coming from, there will be a shaft that you must blow out using explosives.


After blowing up the entrance, go down a lengthy drop to get closer to the source of the nekroquakes.


Continue on your journey to the source by following the waypoints that will take you to your destination.


Set up explosive after you’ve arrived to the source of the nekroquakes to put an end to the issue.


The explosion will fix the issue, and you’ll have to return to Grouse for a payment for your services.


To finish the assignment, return to the research facility and talk with Grouse.

Mission Rewards for Bad Vibrations


After completing the task, you will be given $10,644 in cash.



  • It will not be required to kill opponents, and you will be able to complete the task by just following the waypoints and putting the quest items.
  • Because you would need to go to several locations, which might take a long time on foot, a car would be a smart option for getting about.
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