Borderlands 3 is the latest game in the popular series of games that has been around since 2009. It is set to be released on September 13th, 2019 and will bring new features to the table.

Borderlands 3 is the latest game in the popular series. The borderlands 3 beginners guide 2021 is a beginner’s guide to help players get started with the game.

Borderlands 3 has just been released, and it’s time for us to go on another epic adventure as we shoot and loot our way across not just one, but several worlds full with monsters and incredible riches.

Those who have played the prior games may catch on fast, but a good refresher is also a fantastic way to get a head start on your journey.

As we walk you through the basics of Borderlands 3, those who are new to the game will have no trouble catching on and enjoying this fantastic first-person shooter.

Making A Brand-New Game


When establishing a new game, you may choose between “EASIER” and “NORMAL” difficulty levels, with “NORMAL” being the most common mode to play.

Changing the difficulty level just affects you; it has no effect on other players, so it’s an useful modification if you’re new to the game and want to ease into it, or if you want to play it as is.

Also, have a look at the other BL3 guides.

Choosing Your Persona


You may select from four distinct characters, each with their own unique characteristics and playstyles, which you can later customize using their skill tree to fit your preferences.

Characters may be chosen from the following options:

  • Amara, the Siren who wreaks havoc on her foes with her elemental abilities
  • Fl4k, the Beastmaster who pursues his prey with his friends.
  • Zane, the Operative who gains an edge in fights by using his devices and cunning.
  • Moze, the Gunner, wreaks havoc on her prey with her armory of weaponry and her iron bear.

Each of the characters has their own skill tree, thus playing with a different character later on may be a whole different experience.

It’s better to play with a character you’re more comfortable with than to try to figure out who’s the strongest or greatest, since this is mostly determined by how you play.

Despite his indifference and apparent lack of intelligence, you advance beyond the tutorial and finally make it after almost being killed by him leading you into a fight where he does nothing.



Missions are the tasks in Borderlands 3 that you must do in order to advance through the game’s narrative.

There are also side tasks that may be completed for experience and other prizes, as well as a bit of lore and laughter, for your hard work.

Side missions are also a good method to catch up on levels if you’re having trouble with the games, so that when you get to the main narrative, you’re fully equipped and on par with the adversaries.

Log of the Mission


The mission log keeps track of all of the missions you’ve accepted or finished, including the primary mission.

If you have a side quest that you want to monitor, just pick it and the ingame tracker will concentrate on that side quest. This also applies when you click your primary objective.

This is a fantastic method to keep track of your progress as well as see if there are any additional tasks you can accomplish.

Obtaining Equipment


You begin with a weapon provided by Claptrap, but you will later be able to choose from a variety of weapons of varying rarity.

You may either pick them up or equip them by hitting the action key, which will take the item and place it in your inventory, or by holding the action key, which will equip the item.


If your bag is full and you need to make room for a better item, you may go through your inventory and discard any things you don’t need.


You will be able to upgrade the number of spaces you have for carrying goods as well as the number of weapons you have equipped later in the game.

You may also improve the quantity of ammo you can carry for each weapon and the amount of space in your bank vault.

It’s strongly advised that you invest a lot of money early on in upgrades for your ammunition and backpack storage spaces so you don’t have to constantly going back to vending machines.


Most locations include vending machines where you may purchase guns, grenades, shields, class modifications, ammunition, and other items.

Except for ammo, it is advised that you do not spend money on every new weapon you see and instead store it for later.

Ammunition is inexpensive, therefore it’s better to reload before embarking on a new quest to prevent running out and having to scrounge for more.

Increasing your skill level


When your experience bar is full, you acquire a level, which improves your health and earns you a point that you may spend to buy one of your abilities from the skill tree.


Each skill tree includes an action skill that acts as your primary ability that your character may utilize. Action skill augments can be used to alter the effects of the action skill.

Your character will develop as a result of the points you put into their abilities on their skill tree, making them better at battling tougher foes and making advancement much simpler.


If you’re dissatisfied with the skills you’ve chosen, don’t worry; you may respec, which enables you to reset skills and refund or reassign points.

Respecting someone will cost money, so make sure you have enough and try to be more cautious with your builds before investing in your talents.



When playing Borderlands 3, looting is one of the most essential things to perform since it may net you a lot of gear and money.

Most of the time, stealing and selling garbage you don’t need may help you earn a lot of money and store it for later.

It’s critical to constantly loot when you have the chance, and to keep a look out for chests that contain several items for you to gather.

Getting Up and About


Because some of the areas in Borderlands 3 are very large, it’s a good idea to make use of the game’s vehicles.

Transportation is given and may be obtained at stations after you have unlocked vehicles that are part of the main narrative, so you will be able to utilize them eventually.

Vehicles also come with a variety of weaponry and modifications that you may employ to make traveling not just safer but also more enjoyable.

Traveling Quickly


There is a quick travel function that enables you to return to major places without having to drive or run all the way back.

This is accomplished by accessing the map and choosing the place to which you want to go quickly.

Remember that you may fast travel from any place as long as you have another location to go to.

This may save you a lot of time and save you from becoming bored by having to travel back and forth between the same locations, or it can help you get things done faster if you need to sell additional stuff and get back quickly.



Borderlands 3 has fast-paced action as well as a diverse cast of characters, builds, and weapons to select from.

It won’t take long for you to become accustomed to how the game works, and remembering the fundamentals will help you later when you need to figure things out.

Borderlands 3 is a popular first person shooter game. The borderlands 3 tips reddit is a guide for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Borderlands 3 good for beginners?

Borderlands 3 is a good game for beginners because it has a lot of weapons and loot.

What should I do first in Borderlands 3?

You should get your hands on some guns and start killing things!

Is Borderlands 3 easy to play?

Borderlands 3 is a difficult game, but if you are patient and willing to learn the mechanics. The game has a lot of depth and its not easy to master.

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