In the third installment of the Borderlands series, players will be able to explore a new planet and kill enemies with their own blood. The game has been delayed until 2020, but there are still things to do now.

The borderlands 3 blood drive glitch is a glitch that can be encountered in the Blood Drive Vault.

Tannis has been kidnapped by the Calypso twins and transported to Pandora, where she will be murdered to amuse her Eridian pledge campaign supporters.

Your mission is to return to Pandora and discover a method to locate Tannis and a way to save her from the Children Of The Vault so that you may return her to Sanctuary.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Going to the Razor’s Edge


After fast traveling to Pandora, you must meet up with Vaughn, who is located in the Devil’s Razor zone.


Obtain a vehicle and go to the waypoint, where the Devil’s Razor entrance will be found inside a tiny bandit encampment.


You’ll come to a gate with a big “V” on it that’s obstructing your path to the waypoint, and you’ll have to demolish it to get there.


You have the option of ramming the gate with your vehicle or shooting it with the mounted weapons before entering.


Once the barrier is down, go to Devil’s Razor by entering the zone inside the region you just opened up.

Consult with Vaughn


Make your way to the waypoint where Vaughn is waiting to offer you more information after entering Devil’s Razor.


If you didn’t bring your own car, don’t worry; there will be a nearby Catch-A-Ride for you to utilize, which you should do since it will be a lengthy trip.


Make your way to Roland’s Rest, where Vaughn and his Crimson Raiders have established a stronghold.


When you arrive, speak with Vaughn, who will inform you that you must go to the Splinterlands zone, where Tannis is being kept at a bandit event outpost.

Visiting Splinterlands


Proceed to the waypoint, which will lead you to Bollock’s Niche, where the Splinterlands’ entrance is situated.


Once you’ve arrived at the gate, start walking inside the Splinterlands zone with your car to finish the task.

Obtaining Admission to the Carnivora Festival


You must obtain entrance to the Carnivora Festival in order to rescue Tannis, which will take you to their location.


You must make a sacrifice, which is typically a car that the bandits choose to accept, in order to get entrance to the Carnivora Festival.


Park your car on the conveyer and go up to the waypoint with the activation button, which you should push.


Because your car is not pimped up enough to be a suitable sacrifice, it will be rejected and you will be denied entry to the Carnivora Festival.

The Golden Caravan


You need to locate a better car to give as a sacrifice after being refused admission into the Carnivora Festival.

Vaughn recalls that a man called Big Donny won a golden truck and recommends that you take it and give it to him instead.


There will be a Catch-A-Ride near where you offered your car that you may utilize to respawn your vehicle.

Get in your car and go to Big Donny’s chop shop, which is indicated by a waypoint.


Once you’ve arrived to Big Donny’s chop shop, proceed on foot in quest of the golden vehicle you’ll need to steal.


To find Big Donny and the golden vehicle, fight your way past the robbers and make your way to the waypoint inside the chop shop.


Big Donny, along with the other bandits in the neighborhood, will try to stop you, so you must kill him and take the key to the golden truck from him.


When you kill Big Donny, he will drop a large amount of treasure as well as the key to the golden vehicle.


Grab Big Donny’s key and go to the adjacent waypoint, where you’ll need to climb up to the controls that will enable you to drop the golden truck.



Climb to the waypoint where the crane’s controls are marked, and the crane will drop the golden truck so you may drive away in it.


As soon as the truck is lowered, get in and drive away with it so you may return to the Carnivora Festival and sacrifice the golden vehicle.

The Golden Truck’s Sacrifice


Return to the golden vehicle in order to sacrifice it in order to get access to the Carnivora Festival.


To continue with your offer, park the golden truck on the conveyer, exactly like you did with the last vehicle, and engage the conveyer.


The golden vehicle will be accepted, and you’ll be able to attend the Carnivora Festival to find out where Tannis is being held captive.

Tannis is missing, and we’re on the lookout for him.


Once you’ve entered the Carnivora Festival, you’ll need to find the waypoints, which will vary each time you enter a new region.


To maintain reaching the waypoints and the ones that follow them, fight through the adversaries or run through them.


After passing through a few waypoints, you’ll reach La Cage O’ Tinks, where you’ll need to take an elevator down to.


To send the elevator down, pull the lever and ready to battle a huge number of tinks who will be waiting for you.


Fight your way past the tinks to the waypoint, where another elevator will be waiting to transport you back to the main event.


Once you’ve found the elevator, use it to return to the surface from the subterranean, where Tannis is allegedly being kept prisoner.


Once the elevator has reached the top, continue to the waypoint, where gates leading to Carnivora may be found.


There will be gates nearby that are connected to a gadget that you can use to open them so you may go on to the next location.

Carnivores on the Hunt


Carnivora will turn out to be a mobile outpost where Tannis is being held captive, and you will have to track it down.


Use the Golden Chariot, commonly known as the golden truck since it is the closest vehicle nearby, to pursue Carnivora.


Continue pursuing Carnivora until you’re within striking distance of the big mobile outpost, and don’t dismount since you’ll need to shoot at it while driving.


You must shoot at Carnivora’s gasoline lines after you have closed the gap between your vehicle and it, which will glow red and become susceptible to your vehicle’s weaponry.


You must break all three gasoline lines, one in the rear and one on both the left and right sides of Carnivora.


Carnivora will slow down once the fuel lines have been damaged, and you will be charged with eliminating the support personnel who emerge from it.


The Carnivora’s transmitter must then be destroyed to fully halt the mobile outpost from causing significant damage.


When Carnivora comes to a halt, additional support vehicles will attack you, which you must destroy before moving on to the next mission.


After you’ve taken care of the supporting crew, smash the gasoline tank in the bank to put an end to Carnivora’s movement for good.


After the explosions have subsided, the Carnivora will be fully incapacitated, and you will be ready to board it shortly.


A tunnel will open up from one of the vents that has been destroyed, leading to the Guts Of Carnivora zone on the interior.

The Carnivora’s Interior


As you entered the Carnivora Festival, there will be various checkpoints within the Carnivora that you must visit in order to find Tannis.


To go to the next section of the task, fight your way past all of the opponents and proceed to each waypoint indicated on your map.


There will be an elevator at the end that will take you up to a boss battle, but before you go, you must choose one of the three buttons that will play your entrance music as needed before the fight.


Choose any of the buttons to be transported and wait for the elevator to take you to the next location, which is close to the boss battle.

The Agonizer 9000 must be destroyed.


When the elevator reaches the top, you will be able to leap down into an area where the boss battle will begin.


Tannis will be kept prisoner throughout the battle, so you’ll be on your own for the time being. You’ll be up against Pain and Terror, who will be in charge of the Agonizer 9000 you’ll be fighting.


Engage in combat with the Agonizer 9000 and keep damaging it until its health bar runs out, which will advance you to the next phase.


When the battle’s second phase starts, the Agonizer’s Eridium Core will be revealed, and you must fire it to end the fight.


The Eridian will power up Tannis once the core is destroyed, exposing her abilities and revealing that she is a siren, followed by her destroying what is left of the Agonizer 9000.


The machine will let go of Pain and Terror, and your new goal will be to eliminate both of them.

The End Of Terror And Pain


Pain and Terror will no longer fight back, and you may kill them with a single shot. After killing them, go over to Tannis and speak with him.


Tannis will give you a short explanation of what occurred once you speak with her, and the task will be completed later.

Mission Reward for Blood Drive


Completing the Blood Drivemission will get you approximately $12,671 in cash and the rare item “Road Warrior.”



  • You may just sprint through the opponents to the waypoints to complete the task quicker if you are a higher level than most of the adversaries or simply want to skip a lengthy fight within both Carnivora Festival and Carnivora.
  • When following after Carnivora, be sure to utilize both attacks on your vehicle to eliminate its weak points as well as the support personnel.
  • Corrosive weaponry may speed up the destruction of the Agonizer 9000, and targeting its many weak points might offer you an advantage while battling it.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 blood drive respawn golden chariot is a quest in Borderlands 3. It can be found at the Blood Drive, and will have you fighting against an army of enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the blood drive in Borderlands 3?


How do I get to Carnivora in Borderlands 3?

You can get to Carnivora in Borderlands 3 by going through the following path:

How do you get the golden chariot in Borderlands 3?

You can find a golden chariot in the vault in the game.

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