In Borderlands 3, the new town of Boom Boom Town is a colorful and lively place filled with lots of activities to do. There are also some hidden secrets and collectibles that you can find throughout the map.

The how to ground slam borderlands 3 is a walkthrough of the Boom Boom Boomtown mission in Borderlands 3.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • Roland’s Rest is located near Devil’s Razor.
  • 33rd level

Brick is securing a tunnel as Tina prepares to detonate a bomb on a group of Children Of The Vault who are imprisoned within, and they need your assistance to carry out their plan.

Your mission is to assist Tina in blowing up the tunnel so that it collapses on the Children Of The Vault, and you’ll most likely have to help out again if it fails or anything terrible occurs.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Tina needs your help with the bomb.


Head over to Tina to help her with her bomb issue after speaking with Brick in person and Tina over the radio.


Tina will explain that she is attempting to get the bomb down the tube but that it has been stuck, and that you will need to assist her in pushing it down.


Tina will instruct you to smash the bomb down into the tube because it will be trapped inside a pipe.


By leaping over the bomb and using your crouch button to execute a slam, you may force it down into the tunnel by jumping up to the adjacent stair and doing a jump slam on top of it.


Unfortunately, the bomb does not explode in the tunnel, so you and Tina must return to Brick and devise a new method of detonation.

Detonating the Bomb by Hand


Tina will advise opening the tunnel so you may fire the explosives even if any Children Of The Vault emerge.


When Brick opens the tunnel, Children Of The Vault will pour out, so you’ll either have to fight them or head right for the explosives.


As you approach the bomb, either kill the Children Of The Vault in your path or dash past them and take a shot at it.


When you fire the bomb, it explodes, crushing all of the Children Of The Vault within the tunnel.

Supporting Mordecai


Over the radio, Mordecai will inform you and the rest of the squad that the base is under assault, and that you and the others must go to Boomtown to repel the invaders.


Mordecai will be battling off a gang of bandits when you arrive in Boomtown, and it will be up to you and the squad to assist clear out the remaining Children Of The Vault.


To complete the task, kill all of the invaders at Boomtown until there are no more opponents in the area.


After all of the opponents have been defeated, return to the squad and talk with Tina to finish the task.

Mission Reward: Boom Boom Boomtown


You will get the “Deadeye Decal” rare item after finishing the Boom Boom Boomtown quest.



  • If you can’t reach the bomb with a normal leap, try a running start before performing a jump slam.
  • You can fire the bomb without having to go too near if you use an area of effect weapon or a shotgun that can strike it.
  • Inside the tunnel, the Children Of The Vault won’t be much of a danger, and they’ll be easily murdered if they try to flee with the explosives.

The how to ground slam borderlands 3 ps4 is a walkthrough for the Boom Boom Boomtown in Borderlands 3.

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