Borderlands 3 is a popular game that has been around for quite some time. The game has had its ups and downs, but it’s always been fun to play. This guide will show you how to get through the game with ease.

The Borderlands 3 Buff Film Buff Walkthrough is a walkthrough for the game Borderlands 3. It includes voice actor, character, and location guides.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Pandora is a planet.
  • Roland’s Rest is located near Devil’s Razor.
  • 35th level

Buff needs your assistance since a robber called Rohner tossed away his ECHO because he didn’t like Buff’s cinematic, but Buff is still determined to complete it.

Your mission is to locate the ECHO in one of the trashcans where Rohner may have tossed it and assist Buff in bringing it to the screen.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Keep an eye out for Buff’s ECHO.


After chatting with Buff, go to the Sin-A-Plex and look through the trashcans for Buff’s ECHO.


Go to each of the trashcans and look for the ECHO until you’ve gone through all of them.


When you open the third trashcan, BUFF’s ECHO will be dropped.


Take the ECHO with you to the projection room so you may see it on the large screen.


Continue up to the projector room, fighting your way through the bandits who will attempt to stop you.


Insert the ECHO into the projector, and it will begin to play; however, the projector bulb will soon burst, and you will need to replace it.


Return to the outdoors, where Rohner will attempt to murder you for interfering with his projector.

Rohner seems to have a stockpile of projector bulbs that can be used to replace the one that blew up, therefore you’ll need to kill him and get access to his projector bulb stash.


After you’ve killed Rohner, go to his projector bulb cache and open it up so you may look inside for the replacement bulb.


After that, go back to the projector room and get one of the replacement bulbs from the storage area.


When you return to the projection room, replace the bulb so that the projector may resume playing Buff’s movie.


Return to Buff when the cinematic for the mission begins to play and talk with him to complete the objective.


When you reach buff, speak with him to finish the task, and he will give you your prize.

Mission Rewards for Buff Film Buff


You will get approximately 12,671 cash after finishing the Buff Film Buff task.



  • To save time when looking for Buff’s ECHO, you may blast the trashcans from distance rather of opening them.
  • Except for Rohner, not all opponents must be destroyed, thus you may get through the task quite quickly by ignoring the majority of them.
  • If your level is the same as the opponents’, clearing them out is an excellent way to avoid being killed while accomplishing the goals and gaining experience.

The borderlands 3 dlc guide is a walkthrough for the Borderlands 3 DLC, The Buff Film Buff.

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