The Borderlands 3 cannonization walkthrough is a video series that will help you get started on your journey in the game. In this walkthrough, we show you how to find all of the hidden weapons and collectibles in the game.

The borderlands 3 cannonization bug is a glitch that can occur in the game. This glitch causes some players to be able to see through walls and hit enemies before they are visible.

  • Side mission type Mission
  • Nekrotafeyo is a planet.
  • Desolation’s Edge is a location in the game Desolation’s Edge.
  • 36th level

Grouse wants to build a black cannon, but he’ll need prisoner guardian energy and Maliwan vehicle components to complete it.

Your goal is to get to the guardian’s location and collect their energy before obtaining Maliwan vehicle components from their destroyed cars.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Guardian Energy Collecting


Pick up the energy trap on the table, which you’ll utilize in the temple to gather guardian energy.


Leave the research facility and make your way to the Catch-A-Ride to acquire a car so you don’t have to spend time running about.


Leave your car at the gate and enter the guardian temple, following the waypoint to the spot indicated by the waypoint.


Place the energy trap in the designated area and ready to battle numerous guardians who will try to murder you.


The energy trap will activate, and guardians will emerge, who you must interact with in order for the energy trap to gather their energy.


Kill all of the guardians that attack you with the trap to gather their energy and clear the area of any additional enemies.

Maliwan Parts Collecting


Return to the temple grounds and get into your car so you may look for Maliwan automobiles.


Find a Dark Maliwan Outrunner and destroy it to get a piece of it, which you’ll need to gather.


Dismount your vehicle and walk to the part indicated by a waypoint, where you may pick it up before returning to your car to look for the next component.


Find a Dark Maliwan Cyclone and destroy it to get the component you’re looking for.


You’ll have to dismount once more to pick up the component, then return to your car to return all of the goods to the research facility.


Return to the research facility and follow the waypoint to Grouse’s location as well as the weapon that has to be put together.

Assemble the gloomy


Interact with the weapon to complete the partly constructed dark cannon using the components you’ve gathered from the vehicles.


Place the energy trap on the gadget that will utilize the energy to fuel the weapon once it has been assembled.


The energy trap will seem to become unstable at first, but it will ultimately settle down, allowing the weapon to be completed.


To complete the task, return to the location where the weapon was created and pick it up.

Rewards for the Cannonization Mission


After finishing the task, you will be given 10,644 dollars and the dark cannon, which is the “E-Gone” submachine gun, will be yours to keep.



  • It’s a good idea to bring a car with you, not just for transportation, but also to make it simpler to remove the Maliwan vehicles from which you’ll require components later.
  • Guardians may be lethal to those who aren’t properly prepared, so make sure you have a decent set of gear on hand just in case.

The borderlands 3 dark cannon is a walkthrough that shows players how to use the dark cannon in Borderlands 3.

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