Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game was released worldwide on September 13, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Captain Traunt is a boss in Borderlands 3. This guide will teach you how to kill, location, and what drops he has.

Captain Traunt is a boss that assaults with incendiary and cryo attacks and may be found towards the conclusion of The Impending Storm Mission on Athenas.

He is a larger and stronger version of other heavy troops, capable of inflicting a great quantity of damage and possessing special attacks that may be used against you if you are negligent or remain motionless in the wrong location at the wrong moment.


When you get close to the conclusion of The Impending Storm quest, when you are meant to meet Maya in the courtyard where the vault key piece is, Captain Traunt will be waiting for you.

The courtyard will be a big space with many routes for you to take cover, but it will still be dangerous if you don’t check the sides since he has various attacks that may strike you if you aren’t cautious.

Captain Traunt’s Battles and Deaths


Captain Traunt’s assaults are similar to those of previous heavyweights, although they differ in several aspects, and he retains his status as a highly tanky monster, necessitating critical hits if you don’t want to waste time and ammo.

He employs both incendiary and cryo strikes, implying that he is a hybrid of the other heavies that use one of those elemental damage kinds.


It’s best to maintain your distance from Captain Traunt unless you’re prepared to take a lot of damage.

Taking shelter in some places can assist, but keep an eye out for his assaults, which may produce incendiary or cryogenic effects in specific regions.



Captain Traunt will have a circular device on his back behind his head, similar to other heavy opponents, that seems to power his armor.

Shooting this will inflict critical damage to him and may force him to stumble for a short time, allowing you to cancel his strikes and score additional blows.

Attacks of Note

Cryo/Incendiary Ball on the Move


Captain Traunt has the ability to launch an incendiary or cryogenic ball that will move across the area and strike you if you take shelter in the area accessible through the stairs.


This will be part of a rotation and may come at you suddenly, so keep an eye out and get out of the path if he fires.


When battling Captain Traunt, standing to the side or on the ledge may keep you out of range of the missile and even save your life.

Elemental Devastation


Captain Traunt may sometimes throw a bomb at you, which can be one of his elemental damage types: incendiary or cryo. The incendiary will cause the earth to inflict damage over time, while the cryo will slow you down.


You may escape this attack by moving out of the path, not standing in the region of impact, or leaping at the precise moment he is going to hurl it so that it passes beneath you.

Most of the time, moving backwards or out of the path will cause this strike to miss, saving you from suffering needless damage.

Bombs That Float


Captain Traunt may raise his explosives, which he can use or cause to detonate, inflicting damage on you if you come too near to him, and which can be destroyed by firing at them.

Ice Wall


Captain Traunt may erect an ice wall that prevents you from going ahead while also blocking damage, forcing you to go around it or try to demolish it.


Captain Traunt may blast up the ice wall and hurl you ahead as a projectile if you are behind it.

Attack with Burst Fire


If you don’t get out of the path, Captain Traunt may try to strike you with a burst fire of several projectiles launched from his weapon, which may do a lot of damage.

Drops of Note


Aside from the gold and Eridian that the bosses drop, Captain Traunt is known to drop uncommon items with a high possibility for rare stuff.


Captain Traunt is also said to have a higher chance of dropping the famous Speedloadn’ Hellwalker shotgun, which is said to resemble a shotgun from the Doom series.



  • Staying too near to Captain Traunt will allow his assault to reach you considerably quicker than if you were further away, giving you more time to escape.
  • Try to collect as many bullets as possible to stagger him and prevent him from hitting you with the majority of his strikes.
  • Keep a weapon with excellent accuracy in case you need to kill them from distance and save the soldiers who spawn around him for when you are downed.

The captain traunt legendary drops is a guide to killing, location, and dropping of the Captain Traunt in Borderlands 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What drops from captain Traunt?

Captain Traunt is an enemy in Beat Saber. They are a small, red, flying creature that drops the gemstone called The Eye of Horus.

How do you kill Captain Traunt in Borderlands 3?

You need to find a way to get past him, and then you can kill him.

What is General Traunt weak to?

General Traunt is weak to the following weapons:

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