Borderlands 3 is an open-world loot shooter that takes players to the planet Pandora, where they must fight for their survival. The game features a new cooperative mode where two players can play as Claptrap and Tiny Tina, who are on a mission to save their kidnapped friends.

The borderlands 3 walkthrough is a video game walkthrough for the Borderlands 3 game.

The Children Of The Vault task is the game’s first mission, and it essentially acts as a tutorial for new players.

You’ve accepted The Siren’s call and ultimately meet Claptrap, who helps you get started. You’ll eventually meet the one who called you and assist the Crimson Raiders get back on their feet.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Getting to Know Claptrap


The task does not begin right away since you must first complete the prerequisites, which include meeting Claptrap after leaving the mode of conveyance.

After a brief introduction and some getting to know each other, Claptrap will give you an Echo gadget, which you must use to continue the narrative.

Getting Involved


Your HUD (Heads Up Display) will begin to emerge once you take the Echo device, providing you a visual representation of your health, map, experience, level, and more in the future.

Claptrap will inform you that the two of you are on your way to take over the Children Of The Vault propaganda center.

Follow Claptrap as he leads you to a Quick-Change Machine, where you may register your Echo before continuing with your mission.


To access the Quick-Change Machine, interact with it and modify your character with whatever modifications are offered. When you’re finished, dismiss the menu.

A User Acknowledgement will appear after leaving the Quick-Change Machine, which Claptrap says is dull and typically encourages users to simply click anything and continue.

For those who take the time to read it, it is reported to contain several Easter Eggs as well as some fairly amusing stuff to read.

I’m on my way to the Propaganda Center.


You and Claptrap proceed towards your goal after completing the section where you accept the User Acknowledgement, only to be cut off by a wall of cars.

Claptrap will tell you to open the gate, which will subsequently be marked with a waypoint to assist you in locating the goal, demonstrating how waypoints operate and providing insight into how they will be used in the future.

You and Claptrap will continue towards the propaganda center after opening a route, and after crossing a gap, the Children Of The Vault task will appear beneath your map, where all other missions normally show ingame.


Continue following Claptrap to a weapons stockpile where you will be handed a weapon, but only if you follow him since he utilizes stealth to get to his goal.

Claptrap will try covert movements in order to get to the weapon cache, so simply follow him until you both get there.

Claptrap will activate an explosive lever when he reaches the weapons cache, revealing the stockpile and causing a massive explosion.


Take your weapon from the weapons stockpile and go back to the propaganda center with Claptrap.

Claptrap will begin negotiating the surrender of the Children Of The Vaults, and they will agree to allow you and Claptrap in as long as he does not murder them.

Defeating the Vault’s Children


Claptrap will have been abducted with a huge magnet by the Children Of The Vault, and it will be up to you to find him.


Fight your way past the Children Of The Vault and continue following the waypoint to Claptrap.


When you get to the propaganda center, Claptrap will tell you to look for a shield that will help you survive the confrontation with the bandit commander.


Climb up to the left-hand containers with the COV letters spray painted on them to get a shield to equip.


You’ll discover a chest with shields inside that you may pick up after you open it, and once you’ve equipped one, you’ll return to the propaganda center door and confront Shiv, the propaganda center’s bandit commander.


A cinematic will play when you reach the main area where Shiv is waiting, and you will have to battle and kill him to proceed with the objective.

Claptrap’s Resurrection


Once Shiv is dead, climb to the top and follow the waypoint to the controls that will enable you to free Claptrap from the enormous magnet that has him imprisoned.


Claptrap will fall to the ground, and you must resuscitate him since the fall was deadly to him, and you must do so in order to continue.

Getting to Know The Firehawk


Claptrap will communicate to Lilith, the Siren who called you, that the job is completed, and she will come, bringing you closer to the conclusion of the quest.


To complete the objective, speak with Lilith, who will then offer you the FromThe Ground Up assignment.

Mission Rewards for Children of the Vault


The Children Of The Vault task rewards you with approximately 268 Cash and a common grenade mod if you complete it.



  • This is essentially part of the game’s tutorial, and if you do some good looting, you’ll be allowed to try out a couple different weapons.
  • It’s a good idea to stay with one weapon so you can receive incentives from the manufacturer for killing opponents with their weapon later on.
  • When you don’t have shields, don’t rush at opponents too soon since you’ll quickly be downed and have to resort to murdering enemies during “Fight For Your Life.”

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 chapter 20 is a walkthrough for the Borderlands 3 Children of the Vault DLC.

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