This guide will walk you through the Cold as the Grave Mission in Borderlands 3.

The Borderlands 3 Cold as the Grave Mission Walkthrough is a walkthrough for the mission Cold as the Grave.

Wainwright has found out where the vault piece is kept, and he also knows where the vault is, so you may go there to get the vault key fragment and then unlock the vault.

You’ve accepted The Siren’s call and ultimately meet Claptrap, who helps you get started. You’ll eventually meet the one who called you and assist the Crimson Raiders get back on their feet.

Walkthrough of the Mission

Getting Ready To Visit The Blackbarrel Cellars


Before you go out to meet up with Clay, who will be showing you the route, speak to Wainwright to receive a thorough mission briefing.


Following your conversation with Wainwright, go over to Reliance to meet up with Clay, which you may accomplish by just fast traveling there.


After speaking with Clay, you’ll meet him in a location where a secret waterfall entrance may be found.


Clay will clear the path to the Blackbarrel Cellars, where another vault key piece is said to be buried.

Taking Care of the Barrel Delivery Room


Make your way to the barrel delivery room, where a huge barrel delivery pipe indicated by a waypoint should be found.


As you make your way towards the barrel delivery pipe, fight your way through the robbers in the basement who are in your way.


Before you can continue with the task, you must first secure the region and wipe out all opponents.

The Vault Key Fragment Riddle


After conquering the region, you will be prompted to activate the delivery pipe after attempting to answer a riddle and being ordered to do so.


A cryo barrel will drop and burst on the first attempt, resulting in no vault key being discovered, thus you must try again.


Another code is attempted this time, and when you activate it, two tinks appear, which you must kill, followed by additional bandits appearing in the area, which you must clear once again.


Kill any additional opponents that enter the area until there are none left and a new attempt at solving the puzzle is made.


The puzzle will be answered for the third time, and you must now activate the barrel delivery pipe one final time.


The appropriate container will emerge, which you must destroy in order to open it and check for the vault key piece.


You’ll need to go to Tannis and the vault now that the vault key piece has fallen.

Visiting the Vault


You must leave the region through the conveyer system, which is indicated by a waypoint and will take you to another location.


You’ll come across a chamber full of bandits on your way out, whom you may either flee through or kill.

When you’re up against Aurelia, you’re in for a fight.


There will be a drop from the area you are in, indicating that a boss battle is going to take place, so be ready.


After the sequence, you will be confronted by Aurelia, who will demand that you murder her in order to continue.


Fight and defeat Aurelia so that you and the others may safely exit the chamber and continue to the vault.


Check on Hammerlock and Wainwright once you’ve beaten Aurelia; they’ll unlock the door and you’ll be on your way to the vault.

The Vault’s Location


Head outdoors once Wainwright unlocks the doors because you’ll need to answer a puzzle-related question involving statues.


You’ll need to travel to the first statue and blast a particular section linked to a puzzle that Wainwright will mention.


After shooting the first statue in the head, you may go to the next waypoint or the second statue.


Fight your way through the jabbers in the area, but be aware that some of them may be higher leveled and capable of inflicting significant damage.


According to the puzzle, which will also be revealed by Wainwright, the second statue must be shot in the back, causing you to go to the last statue.


Make your way to the final one indicated by the waypoint after the second statue and battle through the bandits protecting the location.


The last monument must be filmed in a secluded location since this is the illness that one of the family members suffered from in the past, as explained by Wainwright.

The Bridge Is Activated


Return to where the way point directs you and a bridge gadget will emerge out of what seems to be a fountain once you’ve shot all of the statues in the proper places and answered the riddles.


Getting to Know Tannis


After you’ve built up the bridge, go inside The Floating Tomb and look for Tannis, who will be waiting for you.


Give Tannis the vault key fragment you just obtained so she can put everything together.


Wait for Tannis to finish putting the vault key together, then refill on ammunition or update your shield mod because vending machines will be nearby.


After assembling the vault key, go to the chamber indicated by a waypoint, which has the entrance to the vault where you will need to utilize the key.

Graveward is the direction I’m facing.


There will be a second drop since you must still defeat the vault guardian before entering the vault.


To continue, you must first put the vault key, which will then initiate a battle with the vault guards.


Grave and Ward, two guardians, will join up against you, but they will be easily beaten since they are not the ultimate opponent.


Grave and Ward will scatter after being beaten, and their energy will be transferred to a bigger entity called as Graveward, whom you must then fight.


To continue with the task, fight and beat Graveward, and be cautious not to tumble off the platform, as it will try to tilt it over from time to time.


Tannis will take the abilities with her new technique once you beat the vault guardian to prevent the Calypso twins from taking it for themselves.

The Vault is being explored.


Tannis will advise you to investigate the vault, which you will do as soon as the gateway emerges in the region.


To continue with the task, go to the vault’s center, where you’ll need to loot an item, and don’t forget about the other boxes in the area.


Grab the Eridian Synchronizer from the vault and go back out to meet Tannis so the two of you may depart together after you’ve completed your other looting.

Returning Home Alone


Return to the vault’s exterior and meet up with Tannis so the two of you may speak before returning to Sanctuary.


Tannis will be phaselocked and transported away when you speak to her since the Calypso twins have used their siren abilities to abduct her.


Return to Lilith as soon as possible to complete the task and begin your next active quest, Blood Drive.

Mission Reward: As Cold As The Grave


The assignment Cold As The Grave will get you approximately $9,019 in cash.



  • Make careful to loot each boss since they may drop random things that are better than the ones you already have.
  • When looting, be sure to check all of the vault’s chests and don’t leave any valuable treasure behind.
  • Because dealing with the Graveward may be very hazardous, make sure you have a variety of strong weapons and enough of ammunition.
  • Aurelia’s strikes are very simple, and she can be easily avoided, predicted, and slain with them.

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The cold as the grave borderlands 3 is a mission in Borderlands 3. It’s one of the more challenging missions in the game, but it’s not impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat cold as the grave in Borderlands 3?

You can find out by playing the game!

What mission is Graveward?

Graveward is the fourth mission in the game.

How do you reveal ruins in Borderlands 3?

You have to find the blueprints for the ruins, then build them.

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