Borderlands 3 is a looter-shooter RPG with a huge following. This walkthrough will help you get the most out of your experience in the game.

The cult following borderlands 3 stuck is a problem that has been occurring recently. This walkthrough will help you get through the game without any issues.

The primary narrative is continued in Cult Following, which reveals that Vaughn’s Sun Smashers have chosen to make an offering to the Calypso Twins in exchange for the vault map gadget Lilith is searching for.

Your objective in this assignment is to go to the meeting location where the Sun Smashers have brought the map device and intercept it before it falls into the hands of the wicked twins.

This assignment enables you to utilize vehicles and teaches you how to get, transport, and deploy them for your own use.

Walkthrough of the Mission

I’m on my way to Ellie’s Garage.


Lilith assigns you the job of obtaining a car for transportation, which will be essential later on since your destination is very far away and will be difficult to get on foot.

Go into Ellie’s Garage, which is a short distance from the propaganda center, and out to the rear, where you will meet Ellie.

Getting to know Ellie


A brief cutscene will play when you enter the garage and go into the rear, and then you must go up to Ellie and speak with her.

Ellie will inform you that you need to buy her a car that will be used for scanning at the Catch-A-Ride and that you may use anytime you need it.

Purchasing a Vehicle


Proceed to the waypoint given, which will take you to the area behind the garage and require you to battle against gangs of bandits along the way.

After defeating the bandits and making your way to the waypoint, you will arrive to a track where bandits are driving cars and a vehicle will be parked nearby.


You have two options for accomplishing this mission: either seize the car stationed around the track’s center or hijack a vehicle operated by robbers.

Simply go up to an enemy vehicle with a side you can enter through to pull an opponent out and seize the vehicle when you hit the use key from that side.

You will meet other cars as you go through the game. You will not be able to hijack vehicles if one side is covered by a door, so always try to hijack from the side where there is an opening.

Return With The Vehicle


Follow the signpost by turning around and driving back to a Catch-A-Ride at Ellie’s Garage after you’ve obtained a car.

Drive over to the indicated location and park your car there; you will be immediately dismounted and the vehicle will vanish, later to be added to your list of available vehicles.

Go to a nearby console and summon a car for you to utilize on your way to your next mission.

I’m on my way to the Holy Broadcast Center.


The next step is to travel to The Holy Broadcast Center, which is just a few minutes away by car.

If you want to get there quickly, following the route is a smart option, but you may also make a few stops along the way to loot locations and kill opponents for treasure and experience.


You’ll come upon a tunnel that leads to Ascension Bluff, where the Holy Broadcast Center is situated.

The Holy Broadcast Center: Getting Inside


Follow the waypoint on your map to the Holy Broadcast Center’s entrance and leave your car at the gate since you won’t be allowed to drive any farther.

Enter the gate and go down the road, but be prepared to battle since there will be many opponents in your way.


Fight your way through the attackers, making advantage of cover and explosive items like barrels to inflict damage to opponents in close proximity.

Fight your way over the lengthy road and keep going until you reach the Holy Broadcast Center.


You’ll be able to loot a few storages along the route, and you may even find new weapons to replace your existing ones.

Inside the building, wait for a brief announcement to be played, followed by a gate opening, enabling you to go further inside.

The Sun Smashers’ Location


Then you must figure out where the Sun Smashers are and what happened to them, as well as locate the Vault Map.

Fight your way past the bandits protecting the building’s interior and towards the waypoint directing you deeper inside.


When you hear a charging noise, keep an eye out for big speakers with neon-like flashing cables surrounding them and don’t stand in front of them.

These will fire a blast that will harm you and knock you about, potentially knocking you out, which may be problematic if you don’t have any friends or opponents to assist you get back up through “Fight For Your Life.”

Mouthpiece in Front


Once you reach the waypoint, you will be near a drop; going down will lead you to the location where you will battle Mouthpiece.

Make sure you have enough ammo and are prepared for a battle, since lower levels and those who do not have enough ammunition may find it difficult.

Before descending down into the boss battle area, you may buy ammunition, grenade modifications, and shields from the vending machines to the left.


Engage and battle Mouthpiece until he’s dead, and keep an eye out for the speakers when they light up since they’ll blast you and knock you unconscious.

Take The Vault Map with You


Mouthpiece will drop treasure as well as the Vault Map, which you must collect in order to complete the task.


Before your next job is revealed, the Calypso Twins will have a message for you, and a gate on the left will open, enabling you to access a route going out of the region.

There will be several storage containers laying about that you may plunder, as well as some side quests if you walk into the rear.

Bringing Lilith The Map


Once the Calypso Twins have completed their speech, either return or go to the newly opened gate and plunder anything you wish.


You may either fast travel to your car to go back to the propaganda center quicker or just fast travel all the way back.


When you get at the propaganda center, talk with Lilith to complete the objective, which will kick off the main storyline’s Taking Flight quest.

Cult Reward for Mission Completion


Upon completion of the Cult, You will be awarded with 422 Cash and an unique head cosmetic piece that may be fitted at the Quick-Change machine after completing the task.

If you hijacked a car before stealing the one parked in the middle, you will get additional prizes.



  • It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the vehicle controls and to acquire enemy vehicles along the road until no components are accessible, so you can customize your vehicle early on.
  • Doing some side missions and purchasing a stronger grenade and shield mod for an additional edge in the battle would be an excellent method to prepare before the encounter with Mouthpiece.
  • Mouthpiece is a difficult opponent, therefore it’s a good idea to attempt to get a strong weapon before taking him on.
  • When battling Mouthpiece, try concentrating on him rather than the opponents surrounding you so that if you are knocked out, you may revive yourself by killing an enemy during “Fight For Your Life.”

Walkthrough for Other Main Missions

The borderlands 3 sapphire’s run walkthrough is a detailed walkthrough of the Borderlands 3 DLC. It includes all the major story quests, side missions, and more.

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